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Australian Doctors Warn Men Against Buying This Dangerous Sex Pill

A big load of…BS.

Producing three times more semen whilst boosting fertility and orgasm levels might sound like a stretch, but one sex pill being sold online is promising to do just that. And today Australian health experts are warning men to stay well away from them.

Semenax: “You’ll perform like a PORN STAR”

Semenax was brought to the attention of the local drug regulator after it was found to contain an undeclared substance that is banned from entering Australia.

The substance named Yohimbine can only be obtained via prescription and is often used on dogs to reverse the effects of sedatives. Previously, the chemical had been linked to erectile dysfunction treatments but none of which have been approved in Australia.


According to the Australian Semenax website where the pills can be bought, the drug increases ejaculation during sexual intercourse by creating more semen.

“Each orgasm will be SUPER INTENSE!’ and “You’ll perform like a PORN STAR!” reads the site. The site even includes a testimonial from a ‘Stephen’ who claims his semen volume tripled “in just five weeks” of taking the pills.

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), unregistered drugs like Semenax can pose a deadly risk to a person’s health. They’ve also urged anyone who have bought the pills online to exercise extreme caution, see a doctor and to dispose of them at their local pharmacy immediately.

“The TGA is working with the Australian Border Force to help stop future shipments of Semenax capsules from entering Australia,” the Sydney Morning Herald reported in a statement. “If these capsules are found at the border…they will be seized and destroyed.”

We’ll keep you posted on any coming news.


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