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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #154

When money is no object, these are the objects you need.

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1 of 6|ARKUP Floating Homes
2 of 6|Rimowa x Fendi Luxury Luggage
3 of 6|Master & Dynamic Greene Street Collection
4 of 6|Neofit Collapsable Roller
5 of 6|Degeler Skyhanger Velocity
6 of 6|Ember Temperature Controlled Ceramic Mug

It’s all about the travelling and R&R in style for this edition of Shut Up & Take My Money, the home of irresponsible spending done right.

ARKUP Floating Homes

Whilst the housing startup group known as ARKUP initially designed these homes for the hurricane season, we can’t help but picture them in a more leisurely light.

Designated a “liveable yacht”, the fully sustainable luxury homes rely on anchoring systems like those found on oil rigs to allow them to float as the water rises, hence preventing any flooding. Electricity is solar derived and owners can simply park their watercraft up and it’s home sweet home. Given the plush fit outs on offer the floating homes won’t come cheap but they will certainly be a welcome novelty for those who can afford it.


BUY $2-3M

Rimowa x Fendi Luxury Luggage

Premium luggage meets high fashion with the latest collaboration between Rimowa and Fendi. The suitcases are beautifully designed with the Fendi motif adorning the outer aluminium shell which keeps strength high and the weight low.

It also comes with a Multiwheel and Flex-Divider system and Cuoio Rmomano leather handles to match with stickers and a personal tag. The whole package is topped off with a yellow and black webbed belt which also wears the signature ‘FF’ logo. definitely a fine accompaniment to a luxury floating home.


Master & Dynamic Greene Street Collection

You have the premium luggage but now you need something to fill it up. Start off with the essentials like a sweet pair of headphones in form of Master & Dynamic’s Greene Street Collection.

The latest camo design is a faithful representation of the streetwear label’s aesthetics but it also comes in olive green across the audio brand’s wired and wireless headphones. For an premium touch the headphones come with black metal accents and black lambskin memory foam earcups for seamless comfort.

BUY $550


Neofit Collapsable Roller

Not all fitness rollers are created equal and the Neofit Roller is proof of this. Designed in Melbourne by Seb Kipman, the intuitive fitness device can collapse down to 10cm in length (that’s smaller than a iPhone for those playing at home) and expand back up to 30cm when called upon.

The rolling diameter also meets the industry standard at 14cm to ensure a full rolling experience for maximum myofascial release. Being ultraportable and rather attractive, the Neofit roller can easily fit into any briefcase or luggage…a Fendi x Rimowa one perhaps? 


Degeler Skyhanger Velocity

Fashion-forward design, timeless colours and more features than you can throw your money at, the Degeler Skyhanger Velocity is changing the way your wardrobe travels with you.

The garment bag comes with a German-made titanium coat hanger with accessory hooks whilst the external shell is water repellant and robust. On the backside there’s a zip pouch for laptops up to 15 inches whilst a strap also allows it to be safely hooked onto similarly good looking luggage handles – Rimowa x Fendi anyone?

BUY $249

Ember Temperature Controlled Ceramic Mug

No man will ever leave home without his mug again with Ember revolutionising the way warm beverages can be enjoyed. The Ember Ceramic Mug works in tandem with an app which allows coffee drinkers and teetotallers to set the liquid to the exact temperature the want.

The built in heating element looks after this and there’s also a charging station which also doubles as a coaster. There’s also an LED light built into the mug which users can change the colour of to indicate that Ember is doing its thing. Now that’s a smart mug to go with your pretty mug. 


BUY $80


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