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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #155

Where money goes to die a happy death.

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1 of 6|Track 1 By Flux Design Co.
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It’s time to get reacquainted with your favourite money-scabbing title and its collection of the coolest things money can buy. Even if it’s not your own money.

Track 1 Off-Road Skateboard

What a time to be alive. We’ve got passenger drones, we’ve got flying Ubers and now we have the next revolution of the humble skateboard with the Track 1 by Flux Design Co. Combining the design of an electric skateboard with an ATV, the Track 1 is an off-road skateboard with built-in tank tracks for wheels which allows to it traverse any surface short of deep water. It’s also super robust with a deck made from carbon-kevlar with ATV-grade front wheels. A lightweight rechargeable battery ensures the Track 1 can hit land speeds of up to 32km/h with a range of 19km. For those who plan to take it on more rugged expeditions, there’s a removable carbon/aluminium/chromoly handlebars which accommodates for tighter turns as the rider leans into corners. Power is delivered to the rear tracks via a 5hp electric motor which is more than enough for some outdoor fun.


BUY $1,995

Manta5 Hydrofoil Bike

Sticking with the innovation route is the Manta5, a bicycle like you’ve never seen before. That’s in part due to the fact that this is a hydrofoil bike designed for the open waters. The look of the frame and pedals is extremely reminiscent of a standard bicycle but look below the surface and it’s a concoction of sails and fins designed to help riders glide through the water using peddling power routed to a propeller. The wild creation even caters for deep water launches meaning if you fall off, simply start peddling under water and you’ll be on your way again to the top.



Moving back to land is another bicycle – but as usual, it’s not as you know it. Stringbike transmits pedal power via strategically positioned paracord strings wrapped around a spring-loaded drum as opposed to chains and metal gears. The unique drivetrain was devised to deliver quieter rides that are more balanced and won’t leave riders’ calves covered in grease. Three models are currently available with the E Line featuring carbon frame, A Line with an aluminium frame, S Line in a single speed and an additional D Signer’s limited series.

BUY $1,100+

Tesla Design PowerBank

Forget about all of the other generic portable power banks out there. Whilst the Roadster took a lot of the thunder during its unveil over the weekend, this handy little device also made its debut and it looks ridiculously sexy. Packed with a single 18,650 cell with a 3,350 mAh capacity, the Tesla Design PowerBank can recharge most iPhone or Android devices via USB, microUSB and Apple’s Lightning cable. No USB Type-C unfortunately but we have a feeling that’s probably the strategy for the next model. 


BUY $45

Bose Sleepbuds

They’ve conquered noise-cancelling headphones on flights and now Bose are looking to aid your sleeping patterns with the latest Sleepbuds. Rather than blaring music through your ears the Sleepbuds employ an extensive library of pre-loaded soothing sounds to help wearers sleep. The buds charge via a case and come with three noise-isolating tips to ensure comfortable fit and optimal noise isolation from the outside world.

BUY $150

Gravity Industries Iron Man Flight Suit

British inventor Richard Browning has been at his personal jetpack for a while now but his latest version just earned him the Guinness World Record for flying a body-controlled jet-engine-powered suit over a lake. This in itself is enough to nab the backyard genius Ironman status and the flying human speed record , reaching a speed of 52km/h. FYI, we also want one of those suits. The good news? Browning just sold one to a private buyer so production is imminent. 



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