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Alexis Ren Gets A Bit Too Cheeky For The LOVE Advent Calendar

Forget about the Xbox this Christmas.

A while back ago we made the tough decision to pare back on posting about gorgeous women to focus a bit more on the world’s pressing issues. Today, we break that promise if only just briefly to bring you the jaw-dropping festive antics of Alexis Ren.

The 21-year-old American model isn’t exactly a fresh face these days, having first been discovered as Tumblr’s ‘IT’ girl years ago. Today she has risen to the modelling world’e most elite, teaming up with the LOVE Advent calendar 2017 to get cheeky. Literally.

The short clip which is already being heralded as the series’ best and sexiest to date comes via the direction of Phil Poynter. There’s dumbbell deadlifts, squats, leg raises and flexing all conducted in the least practical activewear ever seen. It will change the way you look at the gym forever.

But enough chit chat. Enjoy the clip and have a very cheeky Merry Christmas.


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