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Barbara Custom Motorcylces Hints At The Future Of Stylish Riding

Not your average garage candy.

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Picture your perfect motorcycle. The bold arches. The sleek lines. The futuristic silhouette seamlessly merged with rich racing heritage.

The perfect motorcycle may be close, but it doesn’t exist in the real world. They exist in the latest concepts dreamt up by French-based design studio Babara Custom Motorcycles.

Their latest work can be seen in a series of bike designs which borrows the branding and aesthetics from manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Triumph and BMW. Whilst they look nothing like anything on the road today, the design exercise certainly gets the proportions right in a uniquely authentic way.

The backbone of the designs borrow from the sci-fi inspired looks of the Lotus C-01 as well as the white ‘ghost’ custom by smoked garage. It’s all tied together with a minimalist aesthetic which lets the intricate angles and clean curves do the talking.

The goal of these designs? To inspire manufacturers and designers to push the boundaries in order to create truly mesmerising motorcycles.


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