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Unique Retreats: Sleep In A Luxury Lodge Inside A Tiger Enclosure

Become the Jane Goodall of big cats, courtesy of an English animal park.

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You’ve heard of sleeping with the fishes, but how about sleeping with the tigers? That’s exactly what guests of the Tiger Lodge, an immersive overnight experience at England’s Port Lympne Reserve, are invited to do.

Located in Kent, the luxury suite sits in the heart of the park’s tiger enclosure. All that separates guests from ferocious claws is a pane of glass, making it about the closest you can get to these fierce felines short of a mauling.

The Tiger Lodge opened over the summer and was a quick hit with travellers. The two-bedroom suite sleeps up to four guests, providing luxe creature comforts like a 4K TV, a log burning fireplace, and complimentary Bamford toiletries. Vast picture windows offer views of the tigers on one side and the English Channel on the other. There’s also a private balcony, which Port Lympne promises is separate from the tigers, from which to enjoy sunset views over the sea.

Guests at the lodge aren’t limited to the big cats. A stay includes private access to the 600-acre reserve, home to over 700 rare and endangered animals, including areas normally closed off to the general public. Guests also receive unlimited access to Port Lympne’s sister park Howletts, both of which are run by the conservation charity The Aspinall Foundation.

Chairman of the Foundation Damien Aspinall told the Evening Standard that a passion for conservation motivated the opening of the overnight accommodations.

“We believe this new style of accommodation is crucial in our work to change the outmoded culture surrounding a visit to the traditional zoo,” he said. “Staying in this new accommodation gives visitors the chance to see these magnificent animals safely over a longer period of time and from a far more natural perspective, as well as offering an amazing short break. This experience may make guests think more deeply about conservation.”

To that end, Port Lympne has recently extended its accommodation to include the Rhino Lodge, Hog Deer Creek, and plush Treehouse hotel. All profits go to conservation efforts in the area.

Learn more and book your IRL Jungle Book stay here.




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