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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #157

When money is no object, these are the objects you need.

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1 of 6|Billy eBike
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3 of 6|Bowmore 1966 50-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky
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6 of 6|Pitmaster: Recipes, Techniques & Barbecue Wisdom

Lend us your eyes, ears and wallets as we rob you of your hard earned monies. You’ll be poor…and ridiculously happy.

Billy eBike

Electric bikes aren’t new but they have certainly lost a bit of charm when compared to their distant cousins. The good people at ENKI wanted to reverse this sad process so they built their own electric bike with one goal in mind: fun. Throwing retro design out the window, ENKI instead opted for the classic BMX shape – the true epitome of fun from every form of childhood. Notable features of the bike includes a carbon belt drive which does away with chains and oils alongside a longer riding lifespan. A high torque hub motor has also been employed for larger fat bikes which helps the lightweight aluminium frame accelerate, climb and do cool skids.



Abidur Chowdhury Tool Set

Abidur Chowdhury is the industrial designer that aesthetic junkies would love to call a friend. His latest work graces the humble hammer and screwdriver, stripping the tools of their aggressive lines and angles. What’s left is a super sleek tool set beautifully finished in a matte black hue. The only downside is that these are concept tools and not actually for sale. You can still try hitting up Chowdhury with a wad of cash if that’s what it’ll take.


Bowmore 1966 50-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky

Half a century is the perfect time to dust off an old whisky cask and that’s exactly what Islay distillery Bowmore did with their latest offering. Having first been produced in 1966 with a single ex-Bourbon hogshead, Cask 5675 has finally been cracked open and bottled into 74 exclusive examples to be sold today. The whisky notes are said to feature exotic fruit tastes including lychee, pineapple, watermelon and other floral scents. It will also be available from December if you can scrape up the necessary funds.


Vipp Shelter Hotel

Now here’s an idea. Ditch the modern creature comforts and devices for stylish living that brings you back into the fold with Mother Nature. The Vipp Shelter Hotel is located in the Swedish wilderness on a lake and comes devoid of most things electrical besides lights and clean running water. Beyond that, the modern escape features rooms laid out spaciously in a minimalist Scandinavian design for visitors to create their own entertainment. Venturing outdoors will encourage visitors to try a spot of canoeing or fishing. When the sun goes down, it’s all about the wood-burning fireplace and good company. Just remember to leave your phone at home.


Panasonic Moveable Fridge

A fridge that follows you around at your command. Welcome to 2017. Panasonic created the Movable Fridge to bring the food to the people and it does this via a range of sensors which picks up on moving objects like people and pets before navigating to the voice commander. How’s that for fast food?




A comprehensive book on American BBQ and smoked meats needs no explanation. The recipes in here can cater to the novice right through to the seasoned smoker with everything from Memphis-style ribs to smoking whole hogs North Carolina style.

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