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40 British Street Artists To Know

A one-way ticket out of your Banksy rut.

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1 of 40|Adam Neate
2 of 40|Andy Council
3 of 40|Annatomix
4 of 40|Artista
5 of 40|Banksy
6 of 40|Ben Eine
7 of 40|Best Ever
8 of 40|Carrie Reichardt
9 of 40|Cartrain
10 of 40|Cheba
11 of 40|Cheo
12 of 40|Cutup Collective
13 of 40|Dale Grimshaw
14 of 40|Dan Kitchener
15 of 40|Dave Bonsai
16 of 40|Eelus
17 of 40|Fanakapan
18 of 40|Gnasher
19 of 40|Guy Denning
20 of 40|Id-iom
21 of 40|Inkie
22 of 40|Irony
23 of 40|Jim Vision
24 of 40|Jody Thomas
25 of 40|JXC
26 of 40|King Robbo
27 of 40|Louis Masai
28 of 40|Mr. Cenz
29 of 40|Mr. Jago
30 of 40|My Dog Sighs
31 of 40|Nick Walker
32 of 40|The Nomad Clan
33 of 40|Paul Insect
34 of 40|Phlegm
35 of 40|Replete
36 of 40|Rogue-One
37 of 40|Roid
38 of 40|Sickboy
39 of 40|SNUB
40 of 40|Stik

Think of street art and one name jumps to mind before all others: Banksy. The stencil master, activist, filmmaker, and all-round provocateur has become the (anonymous) face of an entire art form, but he’s far from the only urban artiste the UK has produced.

As in New York, the late 1980s saw prominent graffiti and street artists emerge from Manchester, Birmingham, London, Bristol, and other creative corners isles. A once-shunned practice became a phenomenon, leaving behind the cover of darkness and stepping into the bright light of infamy. Street art went mainstream, but held onto its edge and happily embraced the discomfort of the stiff upper lips who snubbed it.

Banksy has been a part of the culture since its very beginnings in England. His nemesis King Robbo, with whom he waged a famous feud chronicled in a documentary by Channel 4, was another early pioneer of the genre. Other earlier inductees to the cannon of British street artists include Paul Insect, known for his witty spray-painted works in the ’80s and contemporary colour-drenched canvases, and Nick Walker, the stenciling icon hired by Stanley Kubrick to recreate the graffiti’d streets of New York for the 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut.

Several decades later, the cannon continues to expand, adding notable artists like Stik, Phlegm, Adam Neate, SNUB, Ben Eine, and duo Best Ever.

Street art in the UK has produced some of the most influential, legendary, and incendiary names in the game. Here you’ll find 40 worth knowing next time you want to sound cool at a party.

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