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Shut Up & Take My Money – CES 2018 Edition

The CES 2018 edition of your favourite money grabbing feature.

Mind-blowing technology is back in full swing for 2018 and there’s been noticeable developments in the area of domesticated robots, digital assistants and virtual reality.

Whilst there’s relevance in the technology being showcased in many of the prototypes this year, we wanted to stay true to the enticing lifestyle aspects of the world’s largest electronics show. And by enticing lifestyle aspects we mean things that move our readers emotionally to a point where money is not object and frugality is a concept for responsible sods. 

Senheisser Ambeo Smart Surround Headphones

Bring your environment to the global audience

Ever wanted to give your audience the rich and immersive audio they deserve along with your video content? Sennheiser’s latest innovation falls squarely into the realm of 3D audio. The Ambeo Smart Surround headphones feature a wrap around ear design and hooks up to an iPhone via lightning port. On each of the ear buds there are microphones which capture and record binaural (three-dimensional audio) that integrates with your phone’s video recordings. 


Think truly immersive 360 degree videos and the ability to bring your global audience to exactly where you are.

BUY $470

Samsung ‘The Wall’ 146-inch Television

146-inches of glorious screen time

Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung have showcased one of the biggest (literally) devices of the show with a brand new television screen dubbed The Wall. And rightfully so, as the television stands at 146-inches whilst boasting MicroLED technology – the direct rival to OLED screens offered by LG and Sony. The Wall is a modular device which is designed to be custom fitted to any interior space. The fun part is that owners can build the screen themselves like a jigsaw puzzle. 

Samsung visual display president Jonghee Han says that The Wall can transform into any size whilst delivering “incredible brightness, colour gamut, colour volume and black levels”. The wall will officially be available to consumers from the end of 2018.


HP Spectre x360 15

A faster processor with the same good looks

For seasoned users of Macs, we unexpectedly fell for the HP Spectre when it landed in our hot little palms last year. Whilst it is a PC at heart, the Spectre wins accolades for its striking design and sleek profile which made for a perfect companion in work and play. At CES 2018, HP updated the Spectre with the x360 15, one of the world’s first laptops to receive Intel’s new AMD-powered chips. This means better processing speeds to keep up with the growing demands of the daily grind. The rest of the updated Spectre is left unchanged with the exception of a full sized number pad beside the keyboard. 


JBL Link View

Digital smarts meets premium sound

Remember what we said about digital assistants taking over the world? This is JBL’s latest offering and it comes powered with brains from Google Assistant. The JBL Link View provides premium quality sound via 10-watt stereo speakers and an 8-inch smart screen which it hopes will help it trump devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. If you’ve never used one before, they’re pretty cool. Simply call out the devices name, ask a question and the device will answer your query. 



Ripple By Tinder

LinkedIn for the Tinder generation

Brace yourselves. Tinder now have their own LinkedIn competitor and it works exactly how you think it does. Launched at this year’s CES, Ripple aims to make professional networking easier with its signature swiping feature – swipe right for ‘you’re hired’ and left for ‘you’re hired’. Tinder believe that this gamification aspect of the app will help people connect more than a flood of e-mails sitting in your junk mail. 

Of course rather than focusing one’s attention on just a photo, Ripple will also display information about a user’s skills, education, location, and interests alongside a large profile photo. Ripple is now available for download.


Bell Helicopter Taxi

Future of public transport

For the first time in CES history, a helicopter has made its debut at the show and that’s thanks to Bell Helicopter’s latest air taxi concept. The company brought along just the cabin to the show in an attempt to convince potential passengers of the benefits of vertical flight. 

“We’re just keeping our particular propulsion system in configuration to ourselves right now, to keep our competition on their on their heels,” said Scott Drennen, Bell’s director of innovation. The air taxi will come with a hive of connectivity features that will link passengers from the place they took off to the destination. The underlying goal of the Bell Air Taxi is to essentially make vertical air travel comfortable for passengers, hence convincing consumers that this is a viable form of public transport.


Onewheel+ XR

Hey there single wheeler

Forget about the four-wheeled skateboard. Future Motion have updated their one-wheeler electric skateboard for CES 2018 and the Onewheel+ XR now comes with a quieter ride, faster speed and bigger range. The new board doubles the first generation’s range to offer 20-30km per single charge. 


BUY $1,799

Sgnl Wristband

Talking into your hand is now acceptable

Remember those movies where you could make a phone call by mimicking the shape of a phone with your hand and putting it to your ear? Well now that fiction has become a reality with the Sgnl wristband. Developed by Korean tech startup Innomdle Lab, Sgnl comes in the form of a wristband that can be disguised in a watch strap. Once paired with a phone, the device can answer calls when a user touches their ear with a finger. The vibrations from the strap then travel up your wrist and into your fingertip which propagates the sound waves to your ear. You won’t look crazy at all talking into your hand, but at least the device has fitness tracking and a notification feature to keep it useful. 

BUY $149


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