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Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director Hints At The Label’s Next Project

A ballsy move from the Parisian fashion house.

A luxury billiard set. Now that’s something you don’t see every day. And that’s why Louis Vuitton have taken it into their own accord into creating it.

10 days to the AW18 men’s #louisvuitton Show !

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With London Fashion Week Men’s FW18 currently in full swing and Paris Fashion Week set to follow, the fashion label’s artistic director, Kim Jones, took to Instagram to reveal what they’ll be revealing.

The LV luxury billiard set is by far one of the most attention-grabbing additions to the men’s show. It will feature a red and white table wearing LV’s iconic monogrammed flower motif along with a ball set individually marked with LV symbols. Even the cue ball gets the flashy LV treatment with the Parisian label’s insignia stamped onto it.

The official LV release will be shown in its entirety in about a week’s time. For now one can only envy and prepare their bank accounts.



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