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The Future Of Competitive Sports Looks Like A Sci-Fi Nightmare

“Sarah Conor…?”

It’s called Mech Racing and it could become the future of competitive sports according to its creators.

Furrion Robotics is the team behind the 5 metre, 3.5 tonne mech known as Prosthesis which debuted at CES 2018. The machine is the the world’s first exo-bionic racing mech which is controlled entirely via human movement, hence making it less of a robot (autonomous machine) and more of a vehicle or exoskeleton.

The imposing frame of Prosrthesis can currently reach speeds of up to 30km/h with the ability to overcome obstacles and run for up to an hour on a single charge.

To accelerate annihilation technical progress the team behind Furrion have announced the X1 Mech Racing League in the hopes of cementing mech racing as a bonafide sports practice.

Obviously these people weren’t fans of Terminator.


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