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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #161

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1 of 6|The Macallan Sherry Oak 40 Years Old
2 of 6|Honda 3E-D18 Robotic Workhorse
3 of 6|HPC 2018 Typhoon Pro
4 of 6|Sony Wireless Noise-Cancelling Sports Headphones
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The future is well and truly alive in 2018 and there’s the right gear to prove it in this week’s edition of your favourite money-burning guide. The hardest part is choosing whether you need a 40-year-old whisky more or a robotic workhorse ATV.

The Macallan Sherry Oak 40 Years Old

Scotch whisky is once again taking the charge in the fine liquor scene and this one is from the good people over at The Macallan. Introducing their Sherry Oak 40 Years Old, a US$9,000 single malt which is limited to just 465 bottles worldwide.

The specialty of this batch lies in the four decade distillation process which takes place in Spanish oak casks that have been seasoned with dry Oloroso sherry for 18 months prior to the ageing stage.


Those lucky enough to grab a bottle can expect hints of sultanas, gingers, and wood spice alongside scents of cinnamon and citrus.

BUY $9,000

Honda 3E-D18 Robotic Workhorse

It looks like your average ATV but look closer and you’ll notice the absence of a seat and handlebars. The Honda 3E-D18 is in actual fact a highly versatile robot designed to take on the most menial tasks in rugged environments.

Need it to track ahead in unknown territory? The workhorse does that. Need some pipes moved from one side of the work site to the other? The workhorse does that. Hell you can even use it as a portable esky that follows you if that’s your inclination. When the day’s done, just charge it and tell it to follow you home via a smartphone control app.


HPC 2018 Typhoon Pro

If it looks as wild as it sounds then you know it’s a serious piece of kit. The HPC Typhoon Pro is a rugged hand-built mountain bike aided with 6,000 watts of power via an electric motor for true off-road capability. You know, in case you can’t be bothered using the pedals.

This will allow the bike to reach up to 70km/h but that’s just in the base trim. Those after more speed and a brief chance to meet Death can opt for a 7,000 watt motor. Lithium-ion batteries keep the weight low whilst a cool retro moto-X design keeps people guessing. Hill climbs? Piece of pie. 


BUY $11,500

Sony Wireless Noise-Cancelling Sports Headphones

Apple started the trend and now it seems every electronics giant is jumping on the wireless wagon. This is Sony’s take on the segment with their first ever noise-cancelling sport headphones which features splash-proof credentials.

The attractive looking units also come equipped with Sony’s noise-cancelling technology so that you can stay focused in the gym instead of staring at your own ugly mug in the mirror. The WF-SP700N will also be Google Assistant compliant in the near future but for now the 3-hour battery life will suffice for those looking for something with better sound quality than the Apple units. The case also doubles as a portable charging unit which stores two extra charge cycles.

BUY $179

Killspencer Medicine Balls

Give your HIIT session a serious kick in the style department with Killspencer’s latest offering – a medicine ball set. Though it won’t be much use to anyone outside the US since they oddly love using pounds as opposed to kilos, there’s no denying that these bad boys look cool in their full grain black leather panelling with white weight numbers stamped on each one. Heck, keep it in the bedroom as a paperweight. 

BUY $275

Space Candle

Ever wondered what the hell outer space smells like? If you said nothing since its a vacuum then you’d be wrong. Astronauts have long noted that returning from a space walk and removing their helmet often illicits a distinct scent unlike anything they’ve ever smelt before.

Space Candle takes these vague notes and turns it into the closest semblance of the space smell without having to actually shoot any of you monkeys into the stratosphere. It’s intrigue in a soy wax candle minus the whole head exploding thing. 

BUY $25


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