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Sleep Aboard The ‘Blue Planet II’ Research Vessel, Courtesy of Airbnb

Taking ‘wet dreams’ to a whole new literal level.

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Planet Earth: Blue Planet II is seven stunning hours of underwater armchair travel that could spark wanderlust in even the most aquaphobic explorer. Fortunately for everyone now deeply entrenched in David Attenborough fantasies, Airbnb has teamed up with BBC Worldwide to offer the stay of a lifetime.

Two lucky ocean lovers will score a three-day, two-night expedition onboard the Alucia, a world-class oceanic research and exploration vessel used in the filming of Blue Planet II. The guests will join an active research trip in the Bahamas where they will not just make the iconic Alucia their home, but will experience the life of a deep sea explorer firsthand as they travel up to 1000m below the waves in one of the ship’s two submersibles.

A Carnival cruise this is not. The adventure begins with a welcome from the host, BBC producer Orla Doherty, who has spent over 500 hours working with the Alucia. Guests will dine with the crew and observe their work up close, gaining in-depth knowledge about our ocean, its vital importance to the health of the planet, and the impact of humans on its survival.

But there’s no contest for the coolest part of the journey. The winners will embark on a voyage few have had the privilege to undertake: diving deep beneath the waves off Cape Eleuthera, one of the most biologically diverse areas of the Atlantic Ocean, aboard one of Alucia’s two subs. Highly maneuverable, able to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure, and with almost 360 degree views, this dive is light years beyond your average vacation snorkel.

An experience this special does, of course, come with a few unique rules. The Airbnb listing notes that guests should leave the high heels and tie pins at home, avoid watching Jaws or The Abyss before the trip, and resist the urges to skinny dip or take selfies with the sea creatures.

To enter the contest, visit the Night At Blue Planet II listing page and click the “Enter to Win” button. In the form provided, write an artistic and creative story (in English, no fewer than 50 characters but no more than 550) that answers the following question: “You don’t need to be an astronaut to discover a new world. Our oceans are teeming with bizarre species and dramatic, alien-like landscapes. Tell about your ideal deep sea adventure–what do you dream of exploring beneath the waves?”

The contest is open from now until 10 February at 12pm GMT. Should you be the charmed winner chosen, your aquatic adventure runs from 4 April 2018 to 8 April 2018.

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