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Daniel LaRusso & Johnny Lawrence Revive Their Rivalry In The New Karate Kid Series

Cobra Kai never dies.

Cobra Kai never dies. Even after a 34 year hiatus.

Brace yourselves 80s babies, because the legendary rivalry between the original Karate Kid’s Daniel ‘Daniel-san’ LaRusso and Johnny ‘Sweep the leg’ Lawrence is returning to the small screen this year via YouTube’s premium streaming service.

The teaser shows off a dramatic montage of trophies, scenic training and finally the new Cobra Kai dojo, where the titular rivals once again meet face-to-face, albeit in senior citizens guise.

There’s also a voiceover from Ralph Macchio’s character early on in the teaser posing the question: “I just don’t know why you’d ever want to bring Cobra Kai back?”

Well for one, nostalgia, and two, probably money. Nonetheless it’ll be a welcome sight to once again see your childhood heroes going at it presumably with wheelchairs and walking canes. And as LaRusso puts it in this teaser, “Johnny, you and I, this, we aren’t done.”

Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. Cobra Kai will debut on YouTube Red later this year without the late Mr. Miyagi, unfortunately.


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