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Floyd Mayweather Opens New Business Venture That’s Not A Strip Club

Please refrain from sliding notes into the PT’s shorts.

Personal training from the champ himself

The undefeated king of the ring has proven his fighting worth for more than two decades now, so no one can really blame the man for endorsing the hell out of his own business interests.

Whilst Mayweather’s side hustle has primarily been in premium Vegas strip clubs (which he loves to spruik on Instagram), his latest one is much more family friendly.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is the 40-year-old’s first ever tech-enabled boxing studio located in Los Angeles – and it’s entirely open to the public. According to the details, the gym offers programs which are based on Mayweather’s very own strategic routines that have helped him stay in fighting shape all these years.

For punters that means dedicated punching bags, a boxing ring, free weights, ab rollers, ropes and virtual reality. That latter aspect is probably the most interesting as it will bring a virtual reality Mayweather directly to its members via a headset to teach them everything from HIIT to boxing to personal training classes. See the promo video below.

Those reeling about not being able to join Mayweather’s gym can rest assure that they’re not forgotten. The athlete-turned businessman intends to rollout more VR boxing gyms throughout the world via domestic and national partnerships in future.

He will also be extending his business into the philanthropic space by ensuring all people have access to fitness education. To achieve this, Mayweather intends to open up studios in underprivileged communities similar to those where he was raised.

With the recent social media sparring between Mayweather and McGregor flaring up to hilarious new heights, perhaps the champ should look into a career in comedy.

Certified Killa vs Certified Bitch

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