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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #164

Make it rain.

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5 of 6|Cities of Japan Karuizawa 35-Year Sherry Cask Whisky
6 of 6|Integral 512GB MicroSD Card

It’s time to forget about saving up for a rainy day. Let your hard-earned dollars do the raining with this week’s coolest things to blow cash on.

DroneGun Tactical

Drones have dominated the tech (and personal) space in recent times, often overstepping boundaries, but now there’s a weapon to counteract that.

Those sick of objects hovering around their yard and invading their privacy can now take down drones with the DroneGun Tactical from DroneShield. Contrary to its appearance, the gun works simply by pointing it at the offending device and pulling the trigger.


The offending drone will then be remotely disabled in the least harmful way by shutting down its video before sending it back to its pilot complete with safe landing. It’s kind of like politely asking a neighbour not to urinate on your lawn. Unofficial demo below. 


Kalk Electric Dirt Bike

Kalk is arguably the cleanest dirt bike you’ll ever see. And that’s in a theoretical sense too as it’s an electric dirt bike. The sleek looking two-wheeler is designed for light off-road use and has a minimalist frame that allows it to reach speeds of up to 80km/h. And since it’s electric powered, there’ll be plenty of torque and acceleration on hand like a Tesla on two wheels. Range is tipped at around 80km per charge.

BUY 1,000

Discommon Automotive Coffee Table

There are coffee tables and then there’s art pieces posing as coffee tables. Discommon have seemingly conquered the latter with their latest piece of furniture which mimics a race car rising from liquid metal. Like Terminator but for cool cars. The Automotive Icons Table Series features ten different models of cars which all have their own distinguishable silhouette. Art doesn’t come cheap though with each of the ten piece collection taking a 100 hours to complete.

BUY +$20,000


Skalpel Steak Knife

Last week we looked at one of the the coolest kitchen knives of the moment and today we bring you one of the coolest steak knives to grave your dinner. More specifically, Skalpel is billed as “the world’s most stylish steak knife” and looks like something directly out of the surgery room. The handcrafted Skalpel is the product of English knife master Stuart Mitchell who creates these fine pieces out of a single block of high carbon, surgical grade stainless steel.


Cities of Japan Karuizawa 35-Year Sherry Cask Whisky

You might not be able to afford a $372,000 bottle of Japanese whisky but a $12,500 bottle of Japanese whisky may just be in reach. We also use the term ‘may’ lightly. Defunct whisky maker Karuizawa have had a few bottles in hiding and now they’ve fallen in the hands of Japanese retailer, Dekanta.

A ballot will give 150 people the chance to own a piece of liquid gold with the sale of the special edition “Cities of Japan” Karuizawa 35-Year Sherry Cask whisky. This elusive package will also come with illustrated homages to six of the country’s most iconic cities. 

BUY $12,500

Integral 512GB MicroSD Card

British company Integral have beat SanDisk at their own game with the arrival of the largest capacity MicroSD card to date. 512GB of storage will be made available on the fingerprint sized memory card which also boasts V10, UHS-I Class 1 specifications alongside read/write speed of 80/MBs.

In the real world that will allow users to directly record full HD video whilst making for a worthy companion for those who love to document their lives on portable devices. 



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