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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #163

Some men just want to watch the cash burn.

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1 of 7|Furia Concept Bike
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3 of 7|DJI Mavic Air
4 of 7|Limited Edition Pacifico Optical X Man of Many Buckler Sunglasses
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6 of 7|TUMI Latittude
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When money is no object, it’s time to burn it in style. These are the material objects every man needs in his life.

Furia Concept Bike

The Furia concept bicycle from Francesco Manocchio is an award-winning design exercise which merges carbon fibre construction with the modern technique of 3D printing. The result is a stunning example of what the future bicycle could look like with the added benefit of strength, lightness and revolutionary performance.

The traditional bicycle steering column is replaced with HUB centre steering utilised in some motorcycles. This allows the Furia to dramatically alter its frame design to aid aerodynamic efficiency. As for production? We’re certain that if someone throws enough money at the designer it can be done.



Hinoki S1 Gyuto Chef’s Knife

The humble kitchen knife has received a sleek Scandinavian makeover thanks to Melbourne-based brand, Hinoki. Their slick chef’s knife is the latest example of fine craftsmanship thanks to a blade that’s constructed by third-generation bladesmiths in the town of Sakai in Osaka, Japan.

The precious metal requires 131 steps to reach the desired hue whilst a weight-balanced and hand-carved handle polishes it all off in an option of charred American Walnut, solid American Walnut or European Oak.

BUY $499

DJI Mavic Air

The leading manufacturer in camera drones has pulled off another feat with their smallest and most advanced drone to date. The Mavic Air features a built-in 3-axis mechanical gimbal to provide exceptionally stable video that is further enhanced  with a 4K camera which can capture up to 30fps at 100Mbps for the Ultra HD video junkies.

It also supports slo-mo recording in 1080p and 120fps. Those after still shots can use the Mavic Air to capture 12MP images or 32MP panoramic images alongside its 8GB of on-board storage space. Finally, the drone extends its run time to 21 minutes with a top speed of 65km/h and 720p Wi-Fi transmission up to 3.8km.

BUY $799


Pacifico Optical X Man of Many Sunglasses

Your summer may be hot, but it’s not cool until you have a decent pair of sunnies wrapped around your money maker.

Treat your face with the latest limited edition eyewear collab from Pacifico Optical and the good people at Man of Many. Their Buckler frames are available in unisex Amber and Shiraz hues whilst being entirely designed in Bondi Beach and crafted from hand-picked materials to ensure the aesthetics match the build quality. 

Small details like a Man of Many wordmark logo and engraved M monogram on the inside arms also add a touch of originality to the design in order to set wearers apart from the crowd.

We suggest you move quick though as only 100 pairs of each colour will be made available and accompanied by a bespoke Pacifico Optical X Man of Many carry case, microfibre cloth and cleaning kit.


Technics SP10R

Whilst you might not have any vinyl laying around, the latest unit from Technics may just convince you to go old school again (or at least have a cool looking hero piece for the bachelor pad).

Impeccably designed to Japanese standards, the SP10R direct drive turntable system is a unit which boasts a double coil twin rotor-type coreless direct-drive motor and a platter with a 10mm-thick brass weight and tungsten weights for stability. This works perfectly alongside deadening rubber to reduce overall vibration whilst a standalone control unit ensures optimum noise reduction.


Tumi Latitude

Seasoned jetsetters can now enjoy the latest lightweight offering from luggage company Tumi. Deemed Latitude, the new carry-on model features a shell made from layers of reinforced ballistic polypropylene.

This means that the casing can withstand high levels of flexing whilst weighing only 2.8kg with a volume of 35 litres. Those in need of something bigger can also opt for other sizes or colours in the range which all feature an updated wheel system for smoother rolling around terminals.


BUY $730

INK Plainbody Car Prints

Every decent home deserves a cool print and London-based studio INK have this time delivered the goods. Their latest Plainbody series of images captures racecars in their most minimalist form in white and devoid of markings.

Think clean Scandinavian interior design aesthetics but applied to an iconic race car. Those keen can choose from a Porsche 959, a Jaguar D-Type, or a Ford GT40.

BUY $60


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