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New Pick-Up Artist Video Game ‘Super Seducer’ Teaches Men How To Pick Up Women

“If you’re not good at cooking, you better be real good at sucking dick.”

It’s been billed as the world’s most realistic seduction simulator but Super Seducer is already copping outrage before it lands in the hands of hapless romantics.

The video game which is set to be released on March 6 via Windows PC and PlayStation 4 is the brainchild of Richard La Ruina, a “self-confessed shy virgin until 21 years of age, [who] turned his lonely life around and became Europe’s top Pick Up Artist in 2009”.

La Ruina’s Super Seducer follows the same blue print as the popular choose-your-own-adventure style video games (Resident Evil, etc). Players are placed in a dating situation amongst women and urged to advance through the stage by choosing the right opener or response. Choose the right thing to say and you’ll score the lady’s number and progress to the next stage where seduction situations get increasingly harder.

Choose the wrong thing to say and you’ll be met with a swift palm to the face or a drink thrown at you. In one example of a dating scenario gone pear-shaped, players can make La Ruina say something like, “If you’re not good at cooking, you better be real good at sucking dick”. Another in-game scenario prompts the option of “I like big boobs. Try and touch her boobs” to players.

Whilst La Ruina makes it clear that these are not the things to say or do to women, it’s likely the level to which the options stoop to that are causing a stir. Some online commentators have already labelled it as sexist and offensive whilst others are claiming that the game allows men to play out their worst behaviour towards women in a virtual environment.

With over 520 choices for players to choose from alongside nine hours of live action footage and multiple endings, Super Seducer is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive translations of the conventional (and often tired) PUA game.

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Nonetheless La Ruina is hoping that his tongue-in-cheek video game with step-by-step commentary by him will be a fresh way to teach men the “psychology and the hundreds of hidden secrets that separate seduction masters from everyone else”.

“I’m confident that after playing Super Seducer, players will start getting better results, making the right moves in real life,” he said in the game’s press release.

And as for the #MeToo movement that’s currently sweeping the world, La Ruina isn’t worried. He said that they began working on the product before the female empowerment movement even began and their cast and crew ensured that strong female roles were included in the game. He also backed it up by saying that improper or offensive conduct in the game is punished and corrected.

“The correct path is always one that would be appropriate in real-life.”




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