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Lebron Spends $2 Million On His Body Every Year, But Australians Are Spending More

We need to get more creative about our fitness…

Lebron James’ business partner, Maverick Carter, recently revealed to US podcaster Bill Simmons that The King spends up to AU$2 million per year on his body. Also recently, the Commonwealth Bank announced that Aussies are set to spend $4.7 billion on New Years fitness fads.

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Whilst some call it excessive, many see it as a smart investment.


Others have taken it as a cue to reassess their own habits…

But that would be missing the point. The key factor in Lebron’s success is his attitude; not his bank balance. And his obsession with health, routine and detail has been well documented ever since 2008, a period of time has called a, “Watershed moment”, where Lebron witnessed Kobe Bryant’s, “Maniacal attention to detail”, first-hand, in the lead up to the Olympics.

Or, as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst points out, it could have begun even earlier.

“James is the product of a childhood that left him prone to obsessing about routines. In third grade, he missed 100 days of school. In fourth grade, a foster family, the Walkers, established rituals for everything from homework to grooming. LeBron turned in every assignment on time, had perfect attendance and has, according to those close to him, fetishized routine ever since”

But what’s this got to do with Aussies?

Well, everyone from personal trainers to executive bankers are recommending we get creative about our fitness spending, rather than inspired to buy expensive gadgets.

Even Clive van Horen, Executive General Manager of the Commonwealth Bank, said, “The best things in life are free: Getting fit doesn’t have to break the bank. Get friends together for a workout or go for a run around your local park, download free motivational apps or watch YouTube tutorials for inspiration at home.”

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