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Foiler Flying Yacht Is The Classic Watercraft Of The Future [SUTMM #168]

The place where your nest egg dies a happy death.

Forget what you know about spending wisely and throw your inhibitions behind something truly worthwhile. This is Shut Up & Take My Money, the place where your nest egg dies a happy death. 

THULE Revolve Collection Hardcase Luggage

Thule is the 75-year-old Swedish name renowned for making car bike racks cool and now they’ve taken their signature Scandinavian design to the travel industry with their first ever hard case luggage. The Revolve Collection is a high-end business class roller that’s made in Europe and showcases durability and usability across four luggage sizes in three colourways. Rolling gear consists of eight wheels which makes for silky smooth transitions between terminals or hotels.


The hard case material is 100% polycarbonate to ensure strength and lightness whilst there’s also cool touches like a TSA-approved lock and puncture-proof zippers. On the inside there’s a full felt liner to keep your belongings in fine order. Only one issue – it isn’t due to go on sale until early 2019. 


MINI Folding Bicycle

The latest version of MINI’s folding bicycle has arrived and it’s more functional (and laughably cute) than ever. Designed to fold down to fit just about any boot including a MINI Cooper, the bike makes for a quick getaway wherever your travels may take you. It’s made from aluminium so it’s also light enough to lug around should the track disappear. Premium touches include handle bar grips and a saddle wrapped in cognac leather. If the weather gets gnarly, the MINI bike can still roll along thanks to its TeflonÒ-coated chain which keeps water and dirt off the moving components. The total weight of the bike comes down to 11kg and there’s also optional accessories like a MINI Bike Light. 

BUY €650

POC Ventral Cycling Helmet

Another Swedish company has captured our attention this week and that’s POC with their latest cycling helmet – their safest, fastest and most aerodynamic model to date. Named Ventral, the cool looking helmet features finely engineered air intakes which redirect air and reduces overall drag without compromising on weight and structural integrity. It’s also good for keeping a rider’s head cool. The finer details of the Ventral includes EPS density zones, ergonomic head straps, and POC’s own patented rotational impact protection system. The total weight? 248 grams.

BUY $290


Light Phone 2

The world works in funny ways. In an era where tech consumers wanted more connectivity, more cool apps, more camera and more everything in general, there came a reprieve. The latest wave of minimalist phones designed to strip away the excess of connectivity for the bare essentials. No Instagram, no Facebook, no Tinder. Just a good looking minimalist phone that can make calls, send texts and set alarms. The company is also looking at ways to include map directions, music and ride sharing services. Again, just the modern life essentials without the distractions. 

BUY $250

Borromeode Silva Carbon Monocoque Paddle Canoe

Modern technology meets old school artisan design with the BorromeodeSilva Carbon Monocoque Paddle Canoe. It’s all luxury even though the canoe is human-powered but you’ll likely forget about that if you ever find yourself in one. The craftsmanship speaks for itself with copper-woven carbon fibre pairing itself with a classic teak wood hull at the hands of Genova’s most skilled boat builders. 

Once in the sun the yacht can show off its copper-carbon weave whilst gliding along at a pace fit for any classy rower. It’s lightweight and strong construction also means it can easily be transported on roof racks. 


Foiler Flying Yacht

Another week, another sweet watercraft. This stunner is called the Foiler Flying Yacht and they weren’t exaggerating with the flying part. The brains behind the boat comes from the UAE-based kite, plane, and marine-company named ENATA. The engineers took the classic European hull design and paired it with modern technology to create one of the most cutting-edge yachts to possess both speed and class.


The yacht achieves this status thanks to two 320hp BMW diesel engines and hydrofoils that can get it to speeds of up to 40 knots. At this stage, passengers will also be raised 1.5 metres above the water thanks to the advanced design which provides a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency. The Foiler Flying Yacht can carry up to seven passengers on board.



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