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Outrun Your Responsibilities With Lamborghini’s $20,000 Bicycle [SUTMM #170]

When money is no object…or you’ve just robbed a bank.

The home of blatant consumerism is back to steal your monies. This is Shut Up & Take My Money, your friendly neighbourhood friend that knows what you want before you do.

Cervélo x Lamborghini P5X 

When a Canadian bicycle maker and Italian supercar maker team up, this is the result. The P5X features some of the boldest lines ever seen on a triathlon bike and it performs exactly how it looks – bloody fast. The space age bike features advanced racing technology which isn’t specified but looking at the price tag and the design, expect lots of carbon fibre and cutting edge aerodynamics. Besides the vented disc brakes front and rear, the P5X also features a striking black and yellow paint job with Lamborghini’s signature ‘Y’ motif. Only 25 examples will be made so if you have a spare $20,000 to drop, you better move fast.

BUY $20,000

The Dalmore 45

Another fine whisky has dropped on our radar and this time it comes from Scottish distillery The Dalmore who have unveiled a limited 500 bottle run of their coveted 45-year-old single malt. The Dalmore 45 will be made available globally on April 1st (no joke) and is almost guaranteed to skyrocket in price over time. US$12,500 per bottle will afford lucky buyers an accompanying decanter designed by the French crystal house Baccarat. The liquid gold meanwhile has been aged in multiple casks of American white oak ex-bourbon origin before being transferred into two different Vintage Graham’s Port Colheita pipes. Don’t mix Coke with this one. 

BUY $12,500

Justin Timberlake’s SoHo Penthouse

You might not have the swagger of JT but you can certainly live like him. The mega star has listed his his SoHo apartment for sale for a cool US$7,995,000. The New York City penthouse features 80-square metres of prime real estate in a wraparound terrace design. There’s also a fireplace, electric shades, and three bedrooms. There’s also marbled floor heating in the bathroom and a frameless glass shower. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy there’s a fitness room and 24-hour door guy/concierge to make sure you can slip in and out of home in privacy.  

BUY $7,995,000

Sean Woolsey Pool Table

Designer pool table. That’s all that needs to be said. Okay, we’ll say a bit more. This one comes from accomplished designer Sean Woolsey and his latest efforts involves a beautiful unit crafted from American black walnut. This is further paired with a black powder coated stainless steel base and black tour felt to polish off the look. Drop pockets? You guessed it. Black leather. 

BUY $25,000

Malibu Auto Museum 

Ever wanted your own car museum, cars included? That can be arranged. The Malibu Auto Museum is up for sale and it comes with 650 square metres of floor space basking in natural  light. There’s a large driveway complete with semi-trailer access for easy pick-up and delivery, and there’s humidity, temperature and dust control to ensure your prized steeds stay in top shape. The current owner is also open to off-loading some of his rides to the right buyer so keep those cheque books open.

BUY $10,000,000

Superfly GTO 42

Ignore the douchey name and the Superfly GTO is actually a pretty sweet Nordic-built vessel that oozes charm and charisma on the seas. The rear of the cockpit features twin lounges made for socialising or lounging on. The heavily sculpted design evokes supercar proportions complete with flat rear tail lamps, but it’s not just the looks that are fast. The Superfly GTO 42 features carbon fibre construction and a top speed of 50 knots. When it’s time to slow down and bask in the finer fruits of life, there’s a dining table, large bathroom and stateroom with a king sized bed. Giggity.



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