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Why Australia’s Ben Simmons Wants To Win Rookie Of The Year So Bad

And dedicate it to his team.

Rookie of the year is a prestigious title any young NBA player would be honoured to receive. But Ben Simmons has said that this year there would be, “Extra special meaning”, to him winning the award. As reported by Uproxx, “Simmons said seeing teammates get snubbed for their own Rookie of the Year (ROY) honors has given him a bit of extra motivation to win the award in his first season.”

“Last season, (Simonns’ team-mates) Dario Saric and Joel Embiid lost out on ROY honors to Milwaukee’s Malcolm Brogdon.”

Accordingly, when asked about the award by NBC Sports, Simmons said he would be winning it in honour of Sixers players who had missed out on it, saying, “I feel like I’d kind of be winning it for Dario and Jo for their year”. Their support and style of play have inspired him and are the reason he is in a position to be receiving the award, he added.

“Just playing with these guys, I wouldn’t have got to the stage where I would be considered Rookie of the Year if it wasn’t for them. They make it easy for me.”

Speculation aside: he has to win the thing first, before dedicating it to anyone. Some argue that Utah’s Donovan Mitchell should be MVP this year, but according to sources like Uproxx, the numbers, and the results for the Sixers, make it Simmons’ award to lose.

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