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Sleep With The Sharks At The Latest Muraka Underwater Hotel [SUTMM #175]

Want to know what $50,000 a night buys you?

Prepare your wallets for an all-out assault. This week’s edition of Shut Up & Take My Money is rather ‘uge’ and we don’t apologise one bit for it.

Muraka Underwater Hotel

Terra firma hotels are so 2017. Nowadays it’s all about sleeping with the fishes and Muraka in the Maldives is the latest hotel to offer that unique experience. Submerged five metres under the Indian Ocean, guests will be able to enjoy the spoils of a fully integrated living, dining and entertainment room. The master bedroom is where the action’s at though with stunning uninterrupted views of the marine ecosystem ticking by. The hotel which is set to open in November will also boast an underwater restaurant alongside pools, spa treatments and relaxation programs. 


Now for the bad news. The price. 

BUY US$50,000/night

Yamahas x Auto Fabrica Collection

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is bringing some of the sexiest bikes ever created out of the wood work this year and one collection worthy of a mention is the collaboration between Yamaha and Auto Fabrica. The British workshop stripped down numerous bikes to be rebuilt and shown at the exhibition but our favourite is the Yamaha XSR900 which has been stripped and rebuilt as the Type 11 Prototype 1, a track-only bike which is a perfect blend between the Akira anime and a cafe racer. There are three models in the collection and all of them have been crafted with a combination of classic and modern techniques. 


Al Capone’s Miami Mansion

You know the name as one of the East Cost’s biggest crime lords, and now you can buy this notorious gangster’s house. Al Capone’s Miami mansion is up for sale as a restored version of its former glory. Inside the 3,300 square metre waterfront estate resides seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. There’s also an extra guest house to stow away your hostages and a 2 metre perimeter wall to ensure said hostages can’t escape.  

BUY US$15,000,000


Michael Jordan Signed Hall Of Fame 50th Anniversary Spalding Basketball

Own a piece of sporting history with this Michael Jordan autographed basketball which marked the athlete’s induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame back in 2009. The Spalding ball also comes emblazoned with a 50th Anniversary Hall Fame logo and the signature itself has been guaranteed authentic by Upper Deck’s five-step authentication process.

BUY $3,600

Moto Rocker

You have the big boy’s bike above and now you have one for the ankle biters you may have accidentally fathered. Enter Moto Rocker, your answer to being a half decent father. Created from the mind of German industrial designer Felix Monza, the rockers by far outperform any wooden horse in the cool kid points.

Even the saddle has been faithfully recreated to mimic the design of the actual old school bike its frame is modelled off. The rocker comes finished with a  faux one cylinder 125cc engine, headlights and tail lights complete with number plates. Kids can choose between a cafe racer, brat or track bike alongside different colours. Childcare never looked so ride or die.

BUY $1,600

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Collection

Jacob’s Creek have released their latest collection of red wines which showcase the maker’s unique Double Barrel technique. The wines which come in the form of a Shiraz, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Shiraz Cabernet all benefit from being aged in whisky barrels  to produce additional layers of complexity, richness and smoothness. More importantly, they’re easily accessible which means your next Friday night gathering won’t need to cost your week’s pay check.

BUY $22



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