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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #173

When money is no object. Or you’ve just mugged someone.

Your weekly money-grubbing friend is back and this time it’s a full house with everything from hype luggage to a bloody expensive paperweight from McLaren. Sit back and let the good debts flow.

Supreme x Rimowa Luggage

Unflappable streetwear brand Supreme have teamed up with premium luggage maker Rimowa for what will arguably be one of the most sought after Topas suitcases ever made. If you overlook all the fuccbois who’ll be rolling alongside one in a few months, it’s actually a good looking unit made from Rimowa’s signature aluminium body and covered in a stark red or black hue with the obligatory Supreme logo. The luggage will be offered in a carry-on 45L or check-in 82L size. Other features include smooth Multiwheel rolling wheels, TSA-approved combination locks, and twin internal Flex-Divider systems.


The 45L Topas Multiwheel will retail for $1,600 USD (£1,050 GBP) and the 82L Topas Multiwheel for $1,800 USD (£1,150 GBP).

BUY $1,600 – $1,800

iPhone PRODUCT(RED) Edition

Apple have dedicated their latest smartphone release to PRODUCT(RED), a group which provides testing, counselling and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS. The standard spec iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus now comes in a bright red hue on the back to reflect this initiative. Local orders of this special edition phone will be open from Friday the 13th of April. They will be available in both 64GB and 256GB variants.

BUY $1,079

Quin Crash Detection Helmet

Vintage in design, modern in construction. That’s the approach Quin took to become the first motorcycle helmet manufacturer to boast a built-in crash detection system. The ‘smart helmet’ relies on Bluetooth technology to sync up with a smartphone app to provide real time riding information. Gone down during a ride? The helmet will automatically send a notification to your stored emergency contacts to let them know. In a minor case of running out of petrol in the middle of nowhere with no phone reception, the helmet can send out an S.O.S beacon. Of course the mandatories are there including the ability to take calls, listen to music, use apps and navigate whilst riding. It might not be the ‘coolest’ looking helmet out there but it’s definitely the most complete.  



Armani Casa Side Table

When Giorgio Armani tosses up a furniture piece it’s hard to ignore. That’s certainly the case of their latest offering from the fashion label’s Armani-Casa collaboration. As a side table it takes inspiration from art and the game of chess to create a visually striking piece of furniture that doubles as an optical illusion. Transparent cubes are combined with opaque and matte Canaletto walnut cubes to create a floating checkerboard effect. It’s a nod to 15th century Europe in all the right ways. 


McLaren BP23 $2 Million Paper Weight

Okay, it’s not a paperweight but it is if you think about it. You can’t buy this sculpture as there’s only 106 examples made to coincide with the 106 exclusive cars being built – and it only comes with the car, the McLaren BP23, which itself costs about US$2 million. So essentially it’s a cool looking $2 million paperweight. Each McLaren BP23 sculpture is said to have taken 100 man hours to complete with the help of CNC machining. There’s also an extra 30 hours worth of hand polishing thrown in. Dubbed ‘Speed Form’, the piece features a three-seater cockpit rising from a metal and carbon fibre base – a metaphor of sorts for McLaren’s upcoming hypercar. 


Coast Cycles Buzzraw E1000 Electric Mini-Bike

Relive your greatest BMX memories with the Buzzraw E1000 electric mini-bike. Based off the push bike design of the 1970s, the Buzzraw has been given the electric treatment to boast 1000 watts of performance via a mid-drive motor. Shod in a stealthy matte black with chunky tyres, the bike is sure to turn heads as you troll youngsters.


BUY $3,280


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