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Audemars Piguet Are Building A Hôtel des Horlogers In Switzerland [SUATMM #174]

Where money goes to die a happy death.

It’s time to get reacquainted with your favourite money-scabbing title and its collection of the coolest things money can buy…even if it’s not your own money.

Martell Metaphore Cognac

We do a lot of whisky and beer at D’Marge but every now and then we like to branch out. And by branch out we mean presenting you guys with a US$40,000 cognac in the form of the Martell Metaphore. 

The 120 year-old expression is a one-off creation that’s been hand-picked by Augustin Chapeau, the first Cellar Master of the House, who raided the personal vineyards of Madame Martell. Whilst the recipe is a closely-guarded secret, we do know that the only bottle in the world uses Eaux-de-vie from 1898 alongside a trio of other Eaux-de-vie that’s been aged from 1911 to 1920. Notes are said to involve a fine blend of red fruits, almonds, and pecans.

Even the case is a special one-off design that reflects the countryside and geography of the Grand Champagne region. The Martell Metaphore 120 year-old cognac went on sale at this year’s Masters of Wines and Spirits event in Singapore.


BUY US$40,000

Audemars Piguet Hôtel des Horlogers Switzerland

Welcome to the Audemars Piguet Hôtel des Horlogers in Switzerland. The Swiss watchmaker recently commissioned architecture firm Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG) to build a ski hotel which allows guests to ski from their room directly to the slopes via a succession of cool zig-zag ramps. 

The 7,000 square metre landmark will also boast restaurants, bars, a spa and conference centre once it’s complete in 2020. Did someone say bachelor party?


Hedon x 4h10 Vitesse Helmet

Hedon are back with their latest helmet design and it has us swooning. Produced as a collaboration between French online publication, 4h10, the new Vitesse features a full carbon fibre shell along with sweet 70s detailing and paint scheme. On the inside there’s even more quality appointments like Hed Armor lining, Merlin anti-bacterial fabric, three-channel ventilation system, and calf leather trim and lining. Better move quick though as only 100 examples will be made.

BUY £779

1988 BMW R80RT ‘V08’ By Vagbund Moto

You wouldn’t think we’d give you a helmet without a matching vintage bike did you? This one comes complements of Vagabund Moto whose latest build is this 1988 BMW R80RT they’ve dubbed the V08. The minimalist motorcycle sees a slimmer fuel tank, shortened handle bars, tucked wiring and cool 3D printed controls.  


Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoes

If you’re a rock climber then you’ll know the legendary Scarpa name. The Italian outdoor gear company’s latest climbing shoe is their most advanced offering yet, making steep technical boulders and demanding overhangs a breeze for anyone with sufficient skills in the sport. 

The Scarpa Drago features a highly sensitive fit in a flexible housing to ensure maximum control without compromising stability and grip. As per industry standard, the shoes uses high-friction Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber to ensure performance on everything from steep surfaces with microholds and edges to glassy, polished rock. It’s also a damn cool looking shoe too.

BUY $249.95

XING Miss R Off-Road Electric Supercar

If Batman was a rally car racer, this would be his steed. The XING MISS R is claiming to be the world’s first off-road electric supercar and it has 1,300hp to back it up. The car has even gone through early testing phases across different terrains to ensure its performance. So what does four-wheel torque vectoring via four independent motors at each wheel get you? 

Try 0 – 100km/h in 1.8 seconds and 0 – 200km/h in 5.1 seconds. XING mobility founders say that its staggering performance is thanks to the car’s 350V motors and 1 megawatt battery pack. 

“It works by submerging cells directly in 3M novec 7200 engineered fluid. The pack is currently one of the highest power density EV battery packs on the market, offering up to 50% weight saving in comparison to industry standards. With its modular building-block design, it is the first battery pack specifically designed for low-mid volume applications.”



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