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Boston Dynamic’s Creepy Dog Robot Is Officially Going On Sale [SUTMM #177]

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Boston Dynamics SpotMini

Boston Dynamic’s creepy robot renegade has finally come full circle with the announcement that it intends to sell 100 examples of the SpotMini in 2019. The cutting-edge robot is currently running through trials in its pre-production stage with ten units already completed. For those unacquainted with Boston Dynamics, they’re an American engineering and robotics design company who hold  contracts with the U.S Military. Mount a gun on one of their robots and you have Terminator in real life. Until then you get to buy an unarmed dog. No details have been revealed on who’s eligible to own a SpotMini but you can expect it to cost some serious coin.



Ayrton Senna McLaren-Ford MP4/8A

Fans of Formula 1 will immediately recognise the livery of this particular machine that was piloted by the late Ayrton Senna. It was the car that took the Brazilian to his record sixth win at Monaco in 1993 and now someone just bought it for a cool US$5,000,000-plus at a Bonhams auction in Monaco. The race car is powered by a V8 Cosworth-Ford engine and paired to a McLaren gearbox. Whilst you can’t buy it anymore, it certainly gives you a ballpark figure shall you ever consider owning one that goes on sale later down the track.

N/A US$5,000,000

Louis Vuitton Men’s Fragrance Collection

It’s been a long time coming but good things do take time. Louis Vuitton have tapped their master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud to create their latest collection of men’s fragrances which channels five unique expressions. Nouveau Monde features hints of cocoa whilst Orage takes on notes of wood, Sur La Route is a grassier expression, L’Immesité features grapefruit and ginger and Au Hasard evokes sandalwood. The fragrances will be available from the 31st of May.



Microsoft Surface Hub 2

The whiteboard revolution has arrived in the form of Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2. Designed to bring any small home office or boardroom into the future, the device is built around a massive 50.5-inch 4K display which can be split into four individual screens to make video conferencing and collaborative work a breeze. The multitouch display also comes equipped with Windows 10 and helpful programs like Office and Skype to get the ball rolling out of the box. Failing that, you can use it as a nice piece of wall art for your empty space. 


Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard

Don’t be fooled by the simple design of these decks. Boosted have unveiled their third generation Mini electric skateboard and they’re slimmer, shorter and sleeker than ever. Coming in two models, the model S affords an 11km range and a speed of 30km/h whilst the model X can get you 22km of range and a top speed of 32km/h. Both come in at a length of 750mm so storage and transportation is ridiculously easy. 

BUY $859

Curtiss Zeus Concept Electric Motorcycle

Keeping and ending the electric theme for the day is the new concept bike from Curtiss, the builder formerly known as Confederate Motorcycles. Zues is the name of this futuristic looking beast which boasts little details bar a battery-powered E-Twin engine. The design is undoubtedly brutish but it was enough to score it an award at the prestigious Quail Motorcycle Gathering. No details on when it will come to fruition but the company definitely has the experience and tooling. 




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