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Shady Gumtree Advertisement Promises $2,000 Off-White x Nike Sneakers

Well that escalated quickly.

Gumtree can be a gold mine for those who want to score a bargain on big name brands. As Australia’s answer to Craigslist, it can often regurgitate some classics too. Case in point, the next iteration of Off-White’s Nike Presto sneakers as posted by one dedicated hustler, ‘Jordan’.

Optimistic ‘Jordan’ from Sydney listed the sneakers on Gumtree on the 25th of April with an asking price of AU$2,000 – that’s a fair mark-up from the US$160 RRP for the original version which now commands anywhere between US$1,390 to US$1,700 on official reseller sites.


But the ad appears to be anything but serious, at least from a buyer’s perspective. Closer inspection reveals that a few things seem off. There’s a paper tag dangling off the shoe telling prospective buyers that it’s ‘Made in China’ – this is usually kept a bit subtler and the rough-edged tongue cut from a 3rd grade art class doesn’t do it any favours too. Oh, and it appears to be attached to the shoe with velcro.

Besides that the zip tie appears to be done pretty well but there’s no photos of the text printed on it to justify its authenticity.

Based on these glaring facts and the nature of the shit aesthetically-challenged looking shoe , it’s safe to assume that these are as fake as Trump’s fake news.

But wait there’s more fun to be had. The full listing hilariously reads:

Hey guys.

With a un announced released date as of yet, the Nike x OFF White Presto will be coming back in a triple white and triple black colour way.
Rumoured release date – June 21st
I have current early access to pairs sized from US 7- US 12
These pairs are in hand with my overseas connections at the moment and can be shipped same day and will arrive 5-10 days after that (THATS STILL 2 MONTHS BEFORE THE OFFICIAL RELEASE)
Pairs include everything (OG BOX, Off white Zip Tie, Laces, Size tag
This is possibly one of the cheapest prices you will find with other companies as pictured pricing there early pairs at******3000 + click to reveal  AUD
My price is 2000 AUD (Free shipping worldwide)
Have over 150 + refs (Including international buyers that have bank transferred thousands) so buy with confidence.

**** BULK BUYERS **** 

$18,000 AUD (18 K ) FOR 10 PAIRS
$9500 (9.5 K ) FOR 5 PAIRS


Read that again; it’s bank transfer only guys, so for those of you who actually had AU$18,000 to drop for 10 pairs of these un-released bad boys and wanted an iota of buyer security, you’re out of luck.

On a more serious note it’s important to realise that these kinds of practices are on the rise with the prolific expansion of the lucrative sneaker resale market.

Would you pay $12,000 for these sneakers?

According to the latest report from the Business of Fashion, consignment reseller  Stadium Goods have a pair of coveted Adidas PW Human Race NMD TR designed by Pharrell Williams on sale for US$12,350. That easily trumps any pair of loafers or lace-ups from luxury labels like Tom Ford. Making even more of an impact is the fact that Stadium Goods has only been in business for the last three years.

The co-founder of Stadium Goods, John McPheters, said in the BoF report that the shift in buying habits has been driven by “men who are now learning from childhood how to treat fashion as a sport – the way that women have always treated fashion.”

It went on to claim that sneaker collecting is less about utility now and more about expressing an identity.

“Sneakers are the single most flexible and acceptable way to communicate personality for these new shopping-obsessed men,” added McPheters.

GOAT which is another authentic platform that trades some of the world’s most sought-after sneakers told the report that there are risks in the market. This is especially the case where sneakers commonly command over US$300.

“The last thing you want to be spending your money on is fakes,” said Eddy Lu, the co-founder and chief executive officer at GOAT.

“For us, it was let’s build something that solves the growing problem of counterfeits and fakes.”

Until then we can expect to see more of ‘Jordan’ and his outlandish sales pitches, if not for the risks then at least for the laughs.

  • Jack Tibby

    Lmao are you fucking stupid? Rough tongue cut? That’s one of the major parts of the design. Jordan was running preorders on these months before they are releasing, hence the high price tag.
    He is as legit as it gets lol.

  • thepenguin

    Lol that’s what you get for posting a shitty ad


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