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Kim Jong-Un Is The Fashion Icon The World Needs Right Now

Bow down to your supreme fashionista.

His duties as the supreme leader of North Korea is unflappable (as is his penchant for wiping out unruly siblings), but when it comes to the menswear game Kim Jong-Un is quite literally the bomb in a league of his own.

During his most recent trip to China to discuss global current affairs and relations with President Xi Jinping, the 34-year-old dictator rocked one of the most attention-grabbing suits this publication has ever witnessed.

The bold power suit pinstripes, the five-button pyjama suit jacket and semi-polished oxfords all made for a staunch looking man on a mission. So we decided to break down the look further with the help of bonafide Sydney stylist, Jeff Lack.

The Pants

“Long and baggy is back baby! It’s all about the drape,” says Lack. “The trousers are actually pretty cool.”

Whilst most men in the world these days lean towards a more tapered and contemporary look made popular by Western trends, Kim has been resilient in his wardrobe choice, aligning himself with a 90s aesthetic that is now seeing a big resurgence in menswear. We’re not sure if Kim intended it to be this way or it was what he’s had in his wardrobe all along, but nonetheless the man is ahead of the game in 2018.

The Hybrid Suit Jacket

He doesn’t get full marks though. Kim’s hybrid suit jacket is somewhat perplexing in a way that people can’t tell if it’s a classic Mao suit or something out of Wolf of Wall Street. The result? Why not both?

“The matching pyjama style top swamps the K-dog. A better fit around the waist and hips would be more flattering,” explains Lack.

The Hair

That fade though. We get that this must be the mandatory cut for Korean supreme leaders but it’s a definite no from us. The top is slicked back in a cool way but from then on it’s a lot of ‘wtf happened to my sideburns and why does my fade look like a the side of a gutter?’

It’s a no from us but who knows, they also said peak lapel jackets wouldn’t be back at one point.

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