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Qantas Is Finally Rolling Out Wi-Fi Across The Rest Of Its Domestic Fleet


Does the speed (or lack) of internet on flights bother you? Well Qantas is taking this generation’s whims concerns seriously, its engineers having just spent 1900 hours modifying the A330 so that it would have wifi.

According to a press release, “It’s our first A330 with fast, free Wi-Fi, and for avgeeks like us, its rego is VH-EBB.”

As part of the certification process the aircraft is now undergoing a series of tests on the ground and inflight before it’s switched on for customers. By the end of June, Qantas will have Wi-Fi on two domestic A330s and by the end of this year, “75 percent of the combined domestic 737 and A330 fleet of 80 aircraft will have Wi-Fi, with the remaining aircraft to be equipped during 2019.”

“Once they’re all fitted – an estimated 15 million passengers a year will be able to stay connected in the air. (No phone calls or Facetime, though. That would be really annoying.)”

Qantas’ new partners Audible and Apple Music are also “onboard”, giving customers on all flights free access to audiobooks and millions of songs.

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