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Will Smith Officially Endorses Ben Simmons In New Sixers Video

There’s a “new fresh prince” in town…

The rate he’s going it won’t be long before Ben Simmons gets a knighthood.

The Sixers were the team to beat during the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, beating Miami Heat in five games with Ben Simmons as Point Guard (and two with Joel Embiid), and a heap of shooters from behind the arc.

Philly had a few days off between the end of the last series and this week’s conference semifinal series (which starts today) with the Celtics. With all that free time, Philadelphia’s prodigal son Will Smith thought it would be fun to get some friends together and put together a hype-reel featuring Ben Simmons, Kevin Hart, Malcom Jenkins and Lil Dicky.

“The way Sixers clips are folded in with highlights of the Philadelphia Eagles during their Super Bowl run is certainly a nice touch. Oh, and of course, the video ends with Embiid looking right into the camera and saying ‘Trust the process,’ because there was no other way for this to wrap up,” reported UPROXX.

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