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Aldi’s $35 Bottle Crowned The Best Whisky In The World…Again

Time to take your old money elsewhere.

Bad news, Scottish distilleries. Your luxe ass just got handed to you by a $35 bottle of whisky from discount supermarket chain Aldi.

And to rub salt into the wounds, judges at the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters last night didn’t just award one but two gold medals to the Aldi whiskies. The Highland Black Scotch Whisky and Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky both shared top honours alongside a host of more extravagant entrants like Chivas Regal.

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Only one bottle is available in Australian Aldi stores but as with most things like coveted awards, it’ll likely be sold out by the time you hit up your local. Nonetheless once stock is replenished you can expect the Highland Black 8-year-old to retail for around AU$35 whilst the Islay Single Malt has retailed in the past locally for AU$70 (18-year-old) or AU$90 (21-year-old).

The Highland Black features notes of heather, strawberry leaf, and lemon oil whilst the Islay Single Malt will cater to a fresh and zestier character profile. The latest awards come hot off the back of Aldi’s gold medals from last year where its rosé wine took home silver and its gin roped in multiple accolades.

Now where’s that shopper docket voucher…

  • Tim Gordon

    Devil is in the detail. This won a category award only, essentially the ‘what whiskey would you considering feeding your dog’ category. Best in the world for that, much like the ‘World series’…

  • halo9

    Bad news Scottish distilleries….. you got beaten by….. Scottish distilleries.

    You do know both whiskies are made in Scotland by Scottish distilleries right?? Not sure what is being handed to whom here. ; )


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