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Carbohydrates You Should Eat If You Want To Lose Weight, According To Dieticians

Food for thought.

Everyone wants to maintain a majestic physique all year, but when winter rolls round it can be hard to keep the comfort-food cravings in check. It starts with a hearty stew for four (eaten by one: you) with a side of sourdough, and ends up in a pit full of self loathing, chocolate wrappers and double glazed Krispy Cremes.

However, not all carbohydrates were made equal, and with the prominence of low carb diets like the Keto, Atkins and Paleo, promoted by well-meaning health freaks and pseudo-intellectuals alike, much of the population has developed an irrational fear of carbohydrates. A fear we need to get over, fast.

Why is that? Well, as reported this morning by the SBS, dieticians recommend we should eat a specific type of carb to manage our weight and prevent chronic disease: whole grains. Dietitians Alex Parker and Anna Debenham from the nutrition consultancy organisation The Biting Truth, told the SBS that if we paint all carbohydrates with the same brush, we will miss out on the benefits of ‘good’ carbs.


“Quinoa and chocolate cake are both carbohydrates. Quinoa is a whole grain and it will help you to feel fuller for longer while chocolate cake is a refined food that is obviously not good for weight loss.”

Other foods which include refined carbs are white rice, white bread, processed crackers, some refined breakfast cereals, pearl barley and pearl couscous. Whole grains, on the other hand, have a low glycaemic index (GI) making them wonderful for weight management.

“Whole grain consumption is linked to weight loss and weight management because it contains nutrients like fibre that make you feel full, that are also good for your gut health,” the dieticians told SBS.

Evidence also suggests that people who eat whole grains regularly may be less likely to develop heart disease, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer, said the report.

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  • Rajeev Samuel

    Carbohydrates including whole grains, such as quinoa and rice, cause cancer, diabetes, obesity, liver disease, heart disease and dementia.

  • Ted Brook

    I’m sorry but this article lacks a lot of information. Please add more before publishing such thing.

  • Melissa Olson

    It’s called a plant based diet….high carbs and low fat. The facts are in the research. Stop following the mainstream because everyone else is following and do your research. Animal products are not meant for our consumption. is a great source with research to hold it up. Veganism, or at the very least plant based lifestyle is the direction we all need to head back to…..God’s original plan.

  • Sifter

    Thanks Doctor. You ARE a doctor, correct? Cuz without pubmed references it’s like definitively
    stating the world is flat.

  • alex

    good carbs that keep u the most full; quinoa, brown rice, polenta, any type of bean or legume, lentils, split peas etc.

  • Rajeev Samuel

    Engineers > Doctors. Doctors are total morons – look at the fucking mess they have caused. Everyone is dying from obesity, diabetes and cancer. If I were a cop I would start looking very closely at the scumbag criminals doctors that promote carbohyrdates.

  • levi wright

    The author of this article is no doctor. It’s ridiculous to think that only a doctor couls possibly know such things…I know ..because it is what works for me nutritionally…I was eating all this whole grain and sick as hell..fat as hell and on many prescription drugs for a variety of ailments and more to counteract those prescriptions side effects…all prescribed by this mighty doctor you speak of….since listening to my own body and taking the advice of many non health is returning…doctor is not the end all be all…many are just in it for the big money and couls give a shit about your health. There are many published medical studies that espouse this information…just because it’s not or quoted and references doesnt mean it’s poppycock..relax dude..or better yet look it up for yourself…I did..Im glad I did…saved my life!

  • salem alrashed

    Veganism is builshit mainstream false science stop spreadding lies

  • salem alrashed

    Totally true

  • salem alrashed

    I am the same

  • OakchairBC

    If everyone stopped eating meat death rates would fall by 40%. Vegetarians have a 40% lower chance of getting cancer.

  • OakchairBC

    You’re just like the anti-vaxxors. You fell for some stupid shit and now you’re a bloviating quack. Whole grains reduce disease according to all the research.

  • Rajeev Samuel

    I’m sorry but unfortunately you are completely wrong and all the research showing nutritional value for carbohydrates is a total fraud perpetrated by the sugar industry to keep you addicted. Whole grains (which contain carbohydrates glucose, fructose, alcohol) such as quinoa and rice, cause cancer, diabetes, obesity, liver disease, heart disease and dementia. All alcohol is derived from some form of glucose and fructose and it has long been proven that alcohol directly causes cancer, diabetes, obesity, liver disease, heart disease and various mental disorders.

  • Rajeev Samuel

    Steve Jobs was a vegan and his ridiculous diet of carrots and apples directly led to his death. Ashoka the great was a total moron and his embrace of the “vegan lifestyle” back in 300 BC has led to countless premature deaths in India.

  • cbenci

    Even if your 40% figure was even remotely true, that would be assuming that everyone died of cancer. Also this implies that immortals are living among us as I thought everyone died at some point, which would mean there are 100% death rates regardless of whether you eat bland beans or delicious cuts of the finest quality. But maybe my steak addled brain has this wrong. Anyway, I don’t want to overcook my petfectly grilled serlion so I’ll be off now.

  • Rajeev Samuel

    I’m an engineer and I’m smarter than you and 98% of the population on the planet. Plus I stopped eating carbs and I’ve never felt better.

  • Del Martinis

    Great reply!

  • Rajeev Samuel

    Carbohydrates cause diabetes, obesity, heart disease, liver disease, cancer and dementia.


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