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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Insane Workout Could Be Your Ticket To Explosive Strength & Endurance

‘Cos who doesn’t want those ‘tear drop’ thighs…

We can’t all be blessed with Cristiano Ronaldo’s looks and arrogance confidence (if you were that good you’d be prissy and inscrutable too). We can, however, improve our bodies. Whilst this workout won’t guarantee you Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘tear drop’ thighs, it’s a step in the right direction towards his explosive power.

Those tear drop thighs tho…


The Portuguese superstar wouldn’t have won 5 Ballon d’Ors if it weren’t for these bad boys. Which is why this work-out focusses on his money makers. Here are some exercises to help you level-up yours, taken from CR7’s official Nike + Training Club routine.

Warm Up

Loosen your hips and prime your legs with hip twisters (one set of 50secs), side lying clams (one set of 40secs each side), a side lying t-stretch (one set of 40secs each side) and a quick plank to activate the abs.


Main Workout: Part One

Bodyweight squats, reverse lunges, single leg glute bridges, drop squats, side lying leg raises, walking lunges, jump squats. One or two sets of each, with a 30 second to one minute rest between exercises.

Main Workout: Part Two

Side lying leg raise, walking lunge, jump squat, cross-back lunge, Bulgarian deadlift, calf raises. If you have access to a gym: leg extensions and hamstring curls.

Warm Down

Light exercise (e.g. a jog) followed by stretching.

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