David Beckham Casually Rocks $55,000 Watch With A Basic White T-Shirt In Tokyo

Wonder if he flew economy...

There’s casual wardrobe and then there’s David Beckham casual wardrobe. The global football star and men’s fashion icon arrived in Haneda Airport yesterday in a very flight-friendly outfit with a slight twist.

A simple white tee, relaxed black trousers, sneakers, carry pouch…the standard stuff any guy would wear on a trans-pacific flight. Or so we thought. The devil is in the details for the Becks’ latest outfit and what he’s pulled off here has likely never been tried by another man.

Beckham wore an insane AU$55,250 yellow gold Rolex Yachtmaster II with his simple white tee which was backed up by a Louis Vuitton monogram holdall bag and a grey pair of Adidas Yeezy PowerPhase Calabasas sneakers. If that’s not the definition of elevating a relaxed look to the next level then we don’t know what is. Pick one up online here if you have a spare $55,000

Whilst some may argue that Conor McGregor does this all the time with his flashy watches and polo shirts, McGregor’s casual looks are often more polished and curated than Beckham’s proper ‘I got off a flight’ look. You can see the evidence here.

Who said you can’t mix luxury and comfort? Not David Beckham.

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