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Glenglassaugh’s $9,000 51-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky Will Blow You Away

What to buy when money is no object. Or you just robbed a bank.

Forget what you know about burning your hard-earned cash. This is Shut Up & Take My Money, the weekly feature where we take you through the world’s coolest things money can buy. Your grubby mitts will thank us for it later even though your wallets won’t.

Glenglassaugh 51-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky 

Australia’s taste for luxury whisky hasn’t gone unnoticed with Glenglassaugh announcing 10 bottles of its coveted 51-year-old single malt whisky is heading to local soil this August. The liquid gold has been sitting in cask 3301 in Glenglassaugh’s coastal warehouses at Portsoysince since 1963 before it was handpicked by the whisky maker’s previous Master Distiller, Billy Walker, for cask-strength bottling. 

Today it stands as one of the oldest casks in Glenglassaugh’s inventory to bear the Scottish distillery’s unique highland coastal character. Keen? You better fork out the cash for this exceptional dram. 

BUY $9,000

BMW Giggerl R nineT

Stunned? You should be. This is a BMW motorcycle like no other and it wears the ‘Giggerl’ (chicken in German) moniker with pride. The base model borrows from the BMW R nineT before ‘Tin Man’ Bernhard Naumann worked his magic on it to turn this into a futuristic piece of art on two wheels. The custom modified bike features a one-off frame that extends into a fuel tank, panels and seat bench. The rims have been replaced with old school inspired multi-spoke items whilst the application of BMW’s iconic racing livery makes this a drool-worthy two-wheeler.


Woolsey Pool Wall Rack

His design acumen has graced ping pong tables, pool tables, desks and now we have the latest addition to complete the ultimate pool room – the Woolsey Pool Wall Rack. Ignoring the fact that you might not even have a pool table, this is by far one of the best looking units to be crafted from American black walnut. The inner lining is made from the same felt as the pool table whilst storage caters for everything from a pro ball set to six cue sticks, a black bridge, black chalk and custom wooden triangle. 

BUY $2,650

HRDL Vinyl Table

The absence of vinyl shouldn’t be an issue with a table that looks this cool. In fact it might even motivate you to go out and get some along with a turntable. Designed by Stian Herdal and his Norwegian company, the unit is a perfect combination of modern and old. It’s crafted from Valchromat and oak and features an elegant tambour door which opens up to storage space for your amplifier and cables. On the top deck the shelf can hold around 200 records. Production is by order only so if you’ve got some vinyls withering away in a cardboard box, perhaps it’s time to do it justice. 

BUY $1,855

Bose Noise-Cancelling Sleepbuds 

Earplugs are no more with Bose’s latest noise-cancelling sleepbuds. The units which first appeared on Indiegogo have officially been given the green light for production. They’re less about music and more about sleeping though with ten pre-loaded soothing sounds that play to endorse a better slumber. Think camp fire crackles or crickets on loop. The wireless buds are designed to be comfortable to wear in bed whilst being entirely wireless and subtle. Charging the sleepbuds simply means plugging them back into the box to provide up to 16 hours of play time. There’s even a built-in alarm which won’t disturb other occupants in the same bed. 

BUY $250

Adidas 2018 FIFA World Cup Ball

As we enter the tail end of the World Cup it’s only fitting to keep the game going with your very own official game ball. The ball itself takes inspiration from Russia’s urban landscapes whilst retaining the classic silhouette of a traditional football. The ball features a thermally bonded structure with a seamless surface to aid accuracy whilst reducing water absorption. There’s even an NFC chip built-in which allows players to access cool content with their smartphone. 

BUY $200




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