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Miss America Makes Outrageous Move To Ban The Bikini

What a bummer.

Some people use ‘political correctness gone mad’ as an excuse for ignoring criticism of their ingrained bad habits. Others, on the other hand, go too far in trying to force their views on what is socially acceptable on the rest of the world. Case in point: the new leadership team at Miss America.

Yesterday it was announced Miss America is dropping their annual swimsuit competition—and will no longer judge contestants on their appearance. The competition began almost 100 years ago as a bathing beauty pageant, but since an email scandal last December (in which former Miss America officials made fun of the intelligence, appearance and sex lives of former title winners) there has been a change in leadership.

Making a television appearance on Tuesday, Gretchen Carlson, one of the new members of the board (and previous winner of the show) said that the pageant has heard from potential contestants saying, “We don’t want to be out there in high heels and swimsuits.”

Her response; “You don’t have to anymore.”

When asked if she is worried ratings might go down because of the elimination of the events the show is known for, Carlson said the swimsuit portion is not the highest-rated section of the broadcast—and that viewers seem to be more interested in the talent competition.

“It’s what comes out of their mouths that we care about.”

Of course, there’s more to people than their looks. But this isn’t a debating show. It’s Miss America. If you want to showcase your intellect; you go to university. And if you have a truly philanthropic heart; you join a not-for profit—you don’t set your sights on Miss America (or Mr Universe, for that matter).

Also: beauty is just one of five areas of competition that used to be judged anyway. According to the 2017 scoring system, “The total score roughly breaks down into one-half speaking ability, one-third talent, and one-forth modeling and poise.” As the Twitter-verse has pointed out: part of life is looking the part for the role you want to play. Some people are smart. Some are smoking hot. Some are both. Others are neither. It’s not fair but it’s how it is.

Regardless of what we think: the changes will start as this year’s show begins, on the 9th of September. Stay tuned. Or, y’know, don’t.

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