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Virgin Is The First Australian Airline To Launch Wi-fi Internationally

Say goodbye to ‘netlag.’

In the 60’s it was the space race. Then came the nuclear arms race, Coke vs. Pepsi, the South China Sea dispute, Apple vs. Windows, Lance Armstrong and Eurovision. In 2018, however, the world’s biggest competition is taking place in the clouds, between Airlines ever-trying to outdo each other in terms of comfort, price and wi-fi.

One small step for Virgin, one giant leap for its passengers: as of today Virgin are the first Australian airline to launch wi-fi on international flights. This announcement comes just weeks after Qantas started rolling out wi-fi to its entire domestic fleet. Coincidence? Not necessarily. One-upmanship? Almost certainly.

The only ones worried about this development are Doctors specialising in ‘netlag,’ a condition that can seriously compromise international travellers’ ability to function, after undergoing a severe amount of time without internet. Symptoms include spicy-meme withdrawal, restless thumbs and an inability to think of witty comments to undermine one’s best friend’s latest post or display pic.

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