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Here’s One View Of The World Cup You May Never See Again

The end of an era…

When Modric destroys France’s hopes with a long range stunner on Monday, would you rather watch a gout-ridden Frenchman cry into his beret, or a Croatian princess get jiggy with her friends?

Although homophobic gangs of Russian football hooligans posed the biggest threat to this year’s World Cup, FIFA has now decided to crack down on “hot women.”

To be clear; no directive has been given regarding what supporters can or can’t wear, however, television broadcasters have been given a “stern warning” to stop zooming in on attractive female fans, ahead of the World Cup final.


As reported by, “FIFA diversity boss Federico Addiechi called out the unacceptable behaviour,” of both individual broadcasters and host broadcast services.

“(FIFA will) take action against things that are wrong.”

According to the group, although it is not yet a “proactive” policy, it is a focus area for the future, aimed at combatting cultural expectations for young women to present themselves in certain ways in a sports context.

“For women fans who don’t look this way, or choose not to, the cost is media invisibility,” reported.

Whilst this policy will help less attractive women from feeling invisible; by removing attractive women from the screen you’re just trading one invisible group for another. Yes: we could (reluctantly) get behind an initiative to reduce the number of gratuitous close-up’s, but instead of spinelessly directing their videographers to avoid controversy, FIFA should tell broadcasters to splash the whole spectrum of supporters across the screen—young, old, pretty, ugly, fat, skinny etc.

The problem is: a rich Frenchman crying into his beret doesn’t sell ratings. Or maybe it does? Have we just solved Optus’ woes? Find out soon…

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