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Gym Mistakes That Will Ensure You Never See Gains

Is your lifting game bringing little gains?

Achieving your health and fitness goals takes more than grunting in the gym for an hour a day and adding kale to your diet. Walk around a weight room and you’ll see plenty of misguided attempts at exercise. Those guys aren’t just putting themselves at risk of an injury, they’re defeating the point of the workout in the first place.

Don’t be that guy. Below are four common, and sometimes dangerous, gym mistakes that could be killing your progress.

Valuing Quantity Over Quality

You’ve seen the guys who look like they live at the gym, but you don’t have to stash a sleeping bag in your locker to see progress. Intensity matters more than the length of time you train.

You’re better off going full throttle for half an hour than half-assing it for 2 hours. You’ll save time and get a better workout if you push yourself to work at a higher level of intensity. In other words, it’s not how many minutes you put in, it’s what you do with them that counts.

Putting Too Much Emphasis On The Numbers

Unlike your bank account, higher numbers aren’t necessarily better when it comes to your workout. Your competitive side may want to show off by cranking out 100 pushups or stacking on more weight, but resist the urge.

Putting more stress on your body than it’s ready to handle is a surefire way to cause injury and set your progress back. Be patient, increase weight and reps gradually, and you will live to lift another day.

Training Only For Strength

“Stretching is for sissies. Real men lift weights.” That attitude creates an unbalanced workout that increases your risk of injury and hinders your progress.

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You don’t want to neglect any major areas by fixating on only one type of exercise (e.g. just strength training). Strength athletes need cardio. Endurance athletes need strength. And everyone can use stretching or yoga to build flexibility and joint mobility.

Thinking Results Only Happen In The Gym

Exercise is a critical piece of the health and fitness puzzle, but it’s still just a piece. The 23 hours a day that you’re not in the gym matter just as much, if not more.

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Train hard, eat right, drink plenty of water, get quality sleep – a well-rounded approach to health is essential to achieving real progress. The best way to obtain extraordinary fitness over the long term is to set up your lifestyle to support your goals.



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