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Lebron James Gets Paid More Per Minute Than You Do Per Month


Have you ever wondered how your salary stacks up with that of a professional #baller? Here’s a heads up: don’t.

As per his new $154 million deal with the LA Lakers, Lebron James is set to receive $154,000,000 for four seasons, which equates to $38,500,000 per season, $498,512 per game, $117,378 per quarter, $9,781 per minute and $163 per second.

This salary is the Laker’s attempt to pursue yet another championship. According to ESPN, “It is the longest deal James has signed since inking a six-year contract with the Miami Heat in 2010… His previous three deals were three years or shorter.”



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As the average Australian earns roughly $6,268 per month (AU), this means that Lebron’s per-minute salary almost doubles the average Aussie’s monthly pay cheque. The decision has prompted some interesting salary cap debate on Twitter…

But no one can deny he deserves it.

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