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Majorca Just Became The Worst Place In The World To Skinny Dip

Major(ca) concern.

Ravishing beaches, azure views, remote mountains and soulful town hills—Majorca is known for is chilled out vibes and sunny-side-up personality. However, despite its tourism board’s best efforts, it has finally come to light that Europe’s favourite holiday escape plays host to more than Love Island.

Last Friday footage emerged, filmed in Majorca, of the first Great White in Spanish waters since 1976. Great whites can weigh up to two tonnes, grow up to 20ft (6m), and reach speeds of 40km per hour (25mph).


“The presence of great white sharks in Spanish waters has been a constant rumour,” biologist and documentary maker Fernando López-Mirones told Efe News Agency.

“However, for many years we have not been able to document this like we have been able to do this morning.”

Whilst this is an important development for marine biologists, jetski rentals and SUP businesses, the true significance of the event, according to the Twittersphere, is the potential for Love Island to up its ratings by running a Jaws themed episode.

Besides providing ample drama, it would also be a far quicker way to cull the competition. After all: if someone isn’t willing to rescue you from a shark, do they really love you?

Aside from the reality TV implications, this discovery has also validated paranoid Brits, whose friends have called them conspiracy theorists for decades.

So now the obvious solution would be to book a trip to Ibiza (where there are also sharks?)… Or just, y’know, stick to the pool.


As you were.

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