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An Australian Ultra-Marathon Waterskier Just Received A Royal Welcome In Monaco

Chasing Canguro.

It’s happened to all of us, right? You painstakingly prepare porridge for breakfast. Tick. Tuna salad for lunch. Tick. Then the unthinkable happens—3pm rolls around. Despite having a #wholesome kale shake in the fridge, you inhale a pack of chips and 3 crispy creme donuts. Oops.

Or maybe your diet is sorted but you’re a slave to technology, opening Facebook for a “two minute” break from work, only to be shaken out of a cat video reverie forty five minutes later. Whatever floats your boat.

But can you imagine the concentration and will power it takes to waterski 5,010km, from Morocco to Italy, via Spain, France, Monaco and Croatia? In less than 10 days, 5 hours and 36 minutes (the current world record). Alex Luther, grandson of Harry Luther—the current record holder—doesn’t need to imagine it. Why? He’s currently doing it.

Many things stood in the way of Alex achieving his goal, none more so than Alex never having water-skied before in his life (at the time he decided to do it). However, since then he has implemented a “gruelling” training routine, to give him the best chance possible. And before we get onto the royal treatment his trip has involved, we thought we’d ask—how did the idea come about?

Alex training in Sydney.

“I only found out about Harry’s trip in detail just before I turned 30… And I knew straight away it would be an awesome adventure and challenge to pursue. I also felt like I owed it to him in a way,” Alex told us, “Not only to share his story which was almost forgotten in time, but also to continue an amazing family legacy.”

“I believe that we are all adventurers in some way, our ancestors have been creating new paths for centuries and my grandfather was a great example of that.”

He also told us; the waterskiing isn’t even the hardest part. “Learning to water-ski was relatively easy. Since embarking on this journey, what has been most challenging is having the right support around me to get out on the water as much as possible. At the forefront of my mind everyday is making sure I know I am prepared mentally and physically to endure the 10 days from Tangier, Morocco to Cervia, Italy.”

“It’s been challenging at times to keep moving in the right direction”

Because you can’t waterski alone, Alex has needed to rely on the availability of a driver and observer to be able to get out on the water. “I try and do as much as possible on my own so I don’t take up too much of the team’s time,” he said.

And when it comes to his physical preparation, he had this to say. “Over the past 6 years my training has evolved on and off land, helping with the long distances: weights, cycling and mastering every kind of water conditions to ensure the team and I are prepared for anything we are faced with.”

Alex has a strong team, the best equipment available (including an epic Axopar boat and the latest twin engines from Mercury). The team’s partners; The Principality of Monaco, Mercury and Axopar have also planned a few fun events along the way which will no doubt add to the adventure and memories.

On Monday evening, after a gruelling 11 hours water-skiing through rough Mediterranean conditions, Alex reached Monaco harbour to receive a very special welcome by H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco. This marked the end of Day 4. If you would like to follow Alex along the rest of his journey, hit up Chasing Canguro for behind the scenes detail, and a full documentary explaining the trip.

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