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What A Mercedes-Benz Luxury Lodge Looks Like On Australia’s Best Snow Resort

Shred in style, relax in class.

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One can always trust the Germans to completely overhaul the way Australians play in the snow.

As part of their ongoing partnership with Victoria’s Mount Buller, Mercedes-Benz have brought a touch of class from the ski fields of Europe with their latest Star Lodge chalet.

Perched atop the snow resort’s famous ‘Bourke Street’ run, the Mercedes-Benz Star Lodge offers skiers and snowboarders unprecedented levels of comfort and reprieve from the sub-zero elements without sacrificing the view.

And in the fine tradition of the ‘warming huts’ that dot some of the Northern Hemisphere’s finest ski fields, the Star Lodge will also offer modern creature comforts like decked out Mercedes-themed chairs with blankets, free Wi-Fi, a phone charging station to fuel endless selfies and Mercedes-Benz air vents littered around the window bench to allow guests to warm their hands as they ogle at the 180 degree views of the resort and surrounding Victorian High Country. Stay long enough and you can even cop a decent sunset session without freezing your fingers off.

The relaxation aspect of the Star Lodge is further bolstered by the space’s ambient lighting which changes to suit the time of the day, similar to the ‘Energising Comfort Control’ as found in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class range.

The lodge is located less than ten metres away from the Mercedes-Benz Chairlift so getting back down is as effortless as ascending. Although we do recommend those who make it up there to take the more exhilarating route down with skis or a snowboard.

The Mercedes-Benz Star Lodge is now open to the public at Mount Buller so if you make the trip be sure to drop in for a stint of German hospitality in your frozen playground.




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