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Pagani Smashes Record For The World’s Most Expensive Car…& You Don’t Even Get A Roof With It


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US$17.5 million (approximately AU$23.71 million). Read it, let it settle in for a second and then wipe away your tears with a dirty hundred dollar bill. Not because you want this particular car but because you probably don’t have that kind of coin to throw on a set of wheels (and neither do we).

The most preposterous thing however isn’t the record breaking price, but the fact that this car isn’t even a proper convertible. That’s right – you can only drive it on the sunniest of days with your dodgy toupee on full show.

Those who are fans of the Italian marque would recall that the Zonda ended its eighteen year production run recently bar a few final special edition models. The Zonda HP Barchetta is one of them and there’s only three in the world – one belonging to Pagani founder Horacio Pagani and two more models for customers that have already been spoken for.


The car’s staggering price which was revealed by Top Gear makes it more expensive than the previous record-breaker, the Rolls-Royce Sweptail which went for US$13 million.

So what does a eight-figure price tag get you? Less. A lot less. The Zonda HP Barchetta (named after Horacio Pagani) comes with a traditional manual transmission paired to the company’s 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 to deliver 590kW of power.

And did we mention there’s also no roof? It makes you wonder where the remaining US$16 million went…oh wait, our bad.

The Zonda HP Barchetta gets a fancy window design, rear wheel fairings and an odd looking snorkel air scoop which may or may not be a metaphor for a penis-extension.

Not convinced? Neither are we. We’ll wait for Mercedes-AMG’s Project One. Watch the clip from Goodwood below then let us know if you think the coin is worth the car.


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