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Pornhub Traffic Proves Why The World Cup Will Never Be Popular In This Country

The beautiful game…

The World Cup is over but its revelations are not: Pornhub traffic dove harder than Griezman throughout the tournament’s final matches.

As you would expect, Croatia and France’s drops led the way, with other football-mad countries hot on their heels. However, while most of the world spent Sunday evening/Monday morning watching the greatest show on earth, US citizens stoically wanked on, unmoved by the throes of a beautiful, tragic, 4-2 final.

The US was not completely alone though. India, Japan, Columbia, Taiwan, NZ and the Philippines, were also caught with their hands down their pants, which begs the question: do these countries really not care about the World Cup, or are they just better at multi-tasking? Most notably, the US, a country that is supposedly trying to grow as a soccer nation, experienced just a 5% drop in traffic compared to a normal day (for comparison, France experienced a 55% drop).

But what happened after the Croatia-France Final, as Mashable reports, is just as interesting. “While Croatia seemed more focused on soccer than porn in the lead-up to the match, they seemed to hit the site quicker after the match than their French counterparts. That makes sense, given that the French were out celebrating and Croatian fans needed to find solace somewhere.”

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