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Specialized’s Latest Road Bike Is An Aero Beast Born In A Wind Tunnel [SUTMM #181]

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Specialized Venge Disc 2019

The mad scientists at S-Works (Specialized) have unleashed their latest road bike and it’s designed to slice through the air faster than ever without compromising on structural rigidity. With a frame crafted entirely from carbon fibre, refinement is left to design which now accomplishes an improved down tube and comfort for the rider. The result is a stunning piece of equipment which is a whole 460 grams lighter than its predecessor.


BUY US$12,500

The Macallan M Black 2017

If it looks familiar you wouldn’t be wrong. The Macallan M Black is back as part of an annual release since 2013. This new 2017 expression is the fifth in line and comes as a single malt which exudes rich natural colours thanks to its distillation in sherry oak casks. Tasting notes include dark fruit, chocolate and espresso, which opens into wood spice and an edge of peat. The accompanying bottle is also worthy of a mention as it comes as a collaboration between fine French glass maker, Lalique. The result is a black six-faced decanter which pays homage to The Macallan’s rich heritage. Only 725 bottles will be made available worldwide.

BUY £5,400

AGV Legend Collection Helmets

There are legends and then there are legends on two wheels. Italian helmet company AGV are paying tribute to the latter with their latest release of the Legends collection of protective head gear. Modelled off Giacomo Agostini’s vintage X3000, the new 2018 version will come with the same breathable leather and fabric inner lining with removable pads for easy cleaning. A nice touch is the contoured chin piece design which is carried over so that riders can ride as close to the gas tank as possible at high speed. Heck, you don’t even need a bike to like these. Just hang them up in the man cave for instant interior cred.  



Geneinno Titan Underwater Drone

Flying drones are so 2015. Today it’s about the underwater drone and Geneinno have the answer. Titan will make underwater exploration exciting and informative thanks to an in-built 4K 30fps camera which can capture hours of footage. Vision is specced at 160 degrees whilst 3000 lumen LED lights help to light up the path as you go deeper to a maximum depth of 150 metres. Hitting those kinds of depths means that Titan does need to be tethered but it’s not a major issue for what you’ll get back. Controls are sorted via a video game style control pad or an app on your smartphone and tablet.

BUY $1,399

Lego Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5

Well it’s finally happening. Lego will be gracing the ultra-realistic brick series on the most iconic James Bond car, the Aston Martin DB5. The Danish toy company teased the release earlier today without revealing the actual product on a blacked out box, but we took the liberty to help you picture what that could look like. The official unveiling will take place on July 18. 



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