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The Legendary Toyota Supra Has Returned…As A NASCAR

“What’s the retail on one of those?”

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Well it’s back. Sort of. With the impending arrival of the modern Toyota-BMW Supra, the Japanese motoring company has left nothing to the imagination in its attempts to drum up hype.

Their latest strategy? Turn the Supra into a NASCAR to be raced in the Xfinity Series from 2019. Now before we all get excited about a production Supra entering NASCAR with a six-cylinder turbo engine inherited from BMW, it’s important to note that NASCAR rules stipulate a fixed formula for power and drivetrain. That means the racing version will likely be driven by a big V8 and mated to a 4-speed manual which sends power to the rear wheels. That Supra “body” will indeed just be a shell with faux Supra decals to evoke the production car’s distinctive lines.

Boo. Not to worry though, Toyota Europe recently announced that the real production Supra will officially debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week. That’s right, no more concepts.


For now you get to see what a Toyota supercar looks like in the distinctive silhouette of one of America’s most iconic racing series.

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