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I Just Had My Biggest ‘WTF’ Coffee Moment That Changed Everything About How I Drink It

“Before you know it you get the shakes if you don’t slurp the syrup at least twice before 10am.”

As you smile awkwardly at your handsome barista, the exact strain of coffee your latte is ground from is probably unknown to you. Likewise, when you hit play on your morning brew, you’re probably thinking more along the lines of, “Mmm… life-blood” or, “This smells good,” rather than, “Have I matched the correct flavour profiles here?”

Which is fair enough. Coffee will ensnare the senses however it is divulged from the machine (or frothed by your hipstarista). That said, it can always be improved, as we discovered at Nespresso’s recent Master Origin Dinner.

Unveiling the latest creations in the Nespresso range, we were taken on a sensual journey from Indonesia all the way to Ethiopia. Here’s what we learned.

Getting A Double Shot Isn’t The Only Way To Make Your Latte Stronger

It might take a year, or it might only take a month, but at some point your standard latte isn’t going to cut it anymore. What started out as a beautiful melange of bitterness and cream now just tastes like milk. Bland, inspidid, cow whiz. No interplay. Coffee a distant memory. However your Italian mates’ espresso is still a step too far.

So what do you do? You start telling your barista to, “Make it strong,” trying not to come across as a creepy narcotic addict. Despite yourself you become more and more hooked, and before you know it you get the shakes if you don’t slurp the syrup at least twice before 10am.


Thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way. As we found out from the coffee-mad scientists over at Nespresso, some types of coffee, depending on where they are grown and how they are treated, cut through milk better than others. So if your single shot flat white isn’t doing it for you anymore, don’t just jump to a double shot—experiment with different beans and roasts.


Nespresso’s Master Origin from Indonesia is the perfect example of an intense, “Wildly aromatic” coffee with, “Rich velvety texture,” that cuts through milk like a knife through microwaved butter. Why not give it a go?

Not All Espressos Are Pungent & Bitter

If you like to consider yourself a coffee connoisseur but are a wuss when it comes to espressos and long blacks, don’t worry: there is a solution. Get your hands on Nespresso’s Master Origin from Ethiopia, a gentle, decadently aromatic, easy-on-the-tongue brew, that even latte guzzlers will enjoy solo. Bonus: rich, warm notes of fruit jam and orange blossom flowers. After tasting this you probably won’t want to spoil your coffee with milk ever again.

A Good Coffee Will Make You Froth

Surf jibber aside (frooothin’ bra), it is 100% true that unless you’re using a French Press or Moka Pot, any coffee worth your time has a delectable layer of froth on top. No exceptions. Liquid velvet or gtfo.

“The proof of a good coffee is all in the froth.”

A good coffee bean will create the perfect crema—the signature tan-colored foam that rests on top of a freshly pulled shot of espresso. The presence of this crema indicates a high-quality, well-ground coffee and a skilled barista. It also helps give your coffee a fuller flavour and longer aftertaste than drip coffee.

If your coffee doesn’t have crema there’s every chance that the beans haven’t been stored in an airtight container, weren’t fresh to begin with, or were extracted too fast.


Smelling It Makes It Better

We know you know. But our recent coffee tasting experience has inspired us to thoroughly swirl the hell out of our next espresso. You’d be surprised how much more nose-flavour lies beneath your machiato’s micro-foam and your espresso’s crema.

Coffee Goes Well With Bolognese

Sprinkle a bit of freshly ground coffee bean over Nonna’s own, or chuck in a shot of finely roasted espresso. When your partner/family/friends beg you to take over cooking duties more often don’t say we didn’t warn you. Check out the recipe here. Oh and if a non coffee drinking significant other doesn’t like chocolate, this could be a better way to sneakily develop their taste buds than Mochas.

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