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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus Signing Has Caused Serie A Tickets To Skyrocket

Ronaldo fever.

A few weeks ago, when Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo for €100 million, pundits said it would inject Serie A with a welcome popularity boost, but no-one could have predicted the incredible ticket price increase seen across some stadiums, revealed this week.

Of course, Juventus supporters will be able to watch him each week, as they go after an unprecedented eighth consecutive Serie A title.

But fans at other clubs are keen to see Ronaldo too, and according to Tuttosport’s figures, those most excited (or at least, those willing to pay most) are at Parma, a recently promoted club.


“The minnows are back in the big time after being declared bankrupt in 2015 and being forced to work their way up through the various leagues in Italy,” the Sun reported.

And it seems many fans are keen to take advantage of their team’s return to Serie A, as well as Ronaldo – the most famous footballer in the world’s – arrival at Juventus.

Juventus will travel to Parma in the third game of the season, and ticket prices in one section of the 22,000-seater stadium have risen some 600%.

As reported by the Sun, “The average price for a seat in the North End costs just £22.25, but these are now being flogged for an astonishing £158.40.”

That’s just £10 ($17) less than last year’s season pass, with Fox Sports claiming some seats are now going for as much as £400 each—meaning Ronaldo fever has well and truly swept Italy.

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