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Paul Pogba Reveals How His Haircut Helped Him Win The World Cup & Prove The Haters Wrong

Where are the critics now?

Paul Pogba, the Manchester United man and French midfielder, who recently played a pivotal role in France’s World Cup glory, has just revealed why he chose not to visit the stylist this World Cup.

Winning a World Cup changes players—whatever else Pogba goes on to achieve in his career, he does so knowing that he has already scaled the sport’s highest mountain. “By winning the World Cup with France and playing such a pivotal role in their success, Pogba has won a new status for himself that he will never have to relinquish,” (BR).

“But the most important change that he underwent in Russia may have actually occurred well before France even got to the final.”

When asked by a fan—during an Instagram question and answer session—why he didn’t dye his hair (like he normally does) for the World Cup, Pogba said: “Because I wanted (to) only focus on my performance and not my look. So there is no excuse: they could only criticise the football part.”


And focus he did: gone were the ineffective, showy touches, the risky dribbles and the overambitious long-range shots. In their place was a renewed commitment to the unglamorous task of winning and distributing the ball.

@paulpogba silenced the haters 💯

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Pogba has been often attacked by the media for his flamboyant haircuts, which have, over his career at Juventus and Manchester United, featured the Batman symbol, musical notes and the word ‘dab’.

Pundit Garth Crooks once told the Telegraph, “I only mention it because he clearly wants to bring it to our attention. There is so much for the midfielder to do at United and he still insists on behaving like an adolescent.”

“Granted, a hairstyle is not going to determine how well he can control a ball or make a pass, but it does say something about where his mind is at the moment. If you are going to attract attention to yourself on a football pitch do it with goals and performances, not cheap gimmicks and marketing tricks.”

He has also said, “I have no time for his hairstyles and even less time for the dancing exhibitions. They are for beauty parlours and catwalks” (Sport Bible). However, since France’s World Cup win, with Pogba heading back into the premiere league—where he will surely sport more outlandish hairstyles—on a high, his critics may well have to eat their words.

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